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VPP and STOS token’s ICO will start tomorrow – Market wrap

Virtue Poker uses the unique features of blockchain technology along with P2P networking to provide a safe and honest environment to play online Poker. This company is a ConsenSys incubated and backed up by Pantera. Furthermore, it doesn’t hold player funds. Ethereum “smart contracts”​ hold game buy-ins in escrow instead while users play, and payouts occur in 30 seconds or less.

Virtue’s Poker boasts distributed peer-to-peer shuffling algorithms. It provides game security as the deck never resides on a centralized server. Virtue Poker is also the first blockchain-based poker platform licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

The company decided to launch its native token VPP to offer more advantages to its customers. The ICO sale will start tomorrow, May 28, 2021. The project goal is to raise $250,000 by trading 2,000,000 tokens, and the ICO price is $0.125 per VPP.

What advantages does Virtue Poker offer?

The company provides trustless and transparent payments. Using a combination of Ethereum based smart contracts along with a Virtue Poker deployed sidechain, the company guarantees the security of users’ funds.

Besides, the platform offers GLI certified peer-to-peer shuffling protocol. The latter includes all players seated at a table in the shuffling process, and it’s the first of the kind worldwide.

Multi-Token wagering is possible as well. Virtue Poker can tap into existing cryptocurrency communities for the acquisition of new ERC-20 tokens for wagering on the platform. Malta Gaming Authority gave license to this blockchain-based p2p poker platform. So, there is a high regulatory barrier to entry.

Virtue Poker already acquired a player base, which is growing steadily. The platform has also formed exclusive professional partnerships.

Players can use its native token Virtue Player Points (“VPP”) only within the Virtue Poker platform. The token has three core utilities within its network. Users can stake VPP in a smart contract called the Justice Registry and validate hands on the network in exchange for up to 50% of platform fees. They can also use tokens to access special tournaments and promotions, wager, and vote on new marketing proposals. And players can vote on updates to the system, as well.

Stratos also announced about launching STOS token

VPP and STOS token’s ICO will start tomorrow – Market wrap

Stratos is a distributed infrastructure network that provides three-in-one resources, included storage, computation, and network traffic. The platform uses Proof-of-Traffic algorithms to reward infrastructure contributors and participants.

Stratos also uses its own blockchain to measure the usage of various computing resources. Thanks to the Practical Byzantine Fault-Tolerant consensus algorithm, it can integrate the network Proof-of-Traffic consensus algorithm deeply. Thus, the company can provide settlement services, as well as related financial payment services for both network providers and users in a fair, efficient, and transparent manner.

Stratos is essentially a decentralized data mesh for blockchain. Furthermore, it defines the next generation of decentralized computing services that can be used for Dapp, allowing smart contract developers such as AAVE, Uniswap, and NFT Dapps to use decentralized infrastructure to store, deploy, and execute their data and code. As a result, the community developers will be able to publish the system without network deployment, which is quite complicated.

According to the team, the developers will be able to fully focus on the product business logic without being concerned about the underlying infrastructure. They can work on development and operations more effectively and enjoy reduced development costs.

The company aims to build a distributed network ecosystem with middleware developers, Dapp developers, and infrastructure providers for common development. It wants to share value and efficient commitment to provide reliable, credible, and low-cost applications to increase the popularity of blockchain applications. Stratos’ main goal is to offer an indestructible environment for all the Dapps.

What about STOS?

To get aid in achieving its goals, Stratos decided to launch its native token. STOS ICO sale will begin tomorrow, May 28, 2021. The project aims to raise $300,000 by trading 1,000,000 tokens, and the ICO price is $0.3 per STOS.

This platform is best positioned to support data storage and adoption for both users and developers in this ever-expanding digital economy. Stratos wants to make decentralized data adoption easier for the Web 3.0 and blockchain industry. Its token is already on many watchlists and considered on the high-ranked ICOs.

Meanwhile, EMCODEX’s token EMCO got high-ranking

Emerging Commodity Decentralized Exchange or EMCODEX is a commodity market. The company recently announced its anticipated launch as the first emerging commodities Decentralized Exchange around the globe.

EMCODEX aims to democratize the commodities market and uses blockchain technology to achieve that goal. Currently, only a few giant global commodities trading firms dominate the commodities market, and they trade mainly oil and coal, along with agricultural products, metals, and diamonds.

However, using EMCODEX means investing energy, time, and money into removing the current barriers that the commodities market imposed. Those obstacles block producers of various new products, and the company wants to give these producers easy access to the market.

Technology enables traders to deal directly with each other in a decentralized market. The “old” way of trading on the commodities market is profitable for middlemen as they force producers to lower their margins and charge exorbitant service fees.

Tomasz, EMCODEX CEO and cryptocurrency expert stated that in 2008, the world’s top 20 independent commodity traders published a record net profit of $36.5 billion, up roughly by 1,600% from $2.1 billion in 2000. He added that those 20 trading houses profited by $250 billion over the last decade, more than the top five carmakers combined.

EMCODEX wants to change the centralized system

EMCODEX isn’t the only company aiming to change the centralized system. Other important ventures are also trying to change society’s norms along with it to create a better and more equitable world, where everyone could realize profits from investments.

Tomasz noted that it is frustrating to want to engage in certain deals, only to find out that they are out of reach. However, his company wants to be known as a one-stop-shop for trading commodities as a decentralized commodities exchange. He added that anyone should be allowed to list and standardize a new commodity and do that without central authority permission.

EMCODEX has recently launched its utility token to offer investors more advantages. A total of 100000000 EMCO tokens are available during the ICO, and the price is $0.16 per token. The sale will end on Aug 28, 2021. The token got a high ranking on the ICO listing websites.



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