ViaChains Review: Should you trust this broker?

General Information
Broker Name: ViaChains
Broker Type: Forex & CFDs
Country: UK
Operating since year: 2001
Regulation: N/A
Address: 9863 - 9867 MILL ROAD, CAMBRIDGE, MG09 99HT.
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +442045427623
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English
Availability: N/A
The Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: N/A
Demo account: No
Mobile trading: No
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: No
Other trading instruments: Yes
Minimum deposit: N/A
Maximal leverage: 1:300
Spread: Floating
Scalping allowed: Yes


ViaChains Review: Should you trust this broker?

General Information & First Impressions

ViaChains is a well-established online brokerage that’s undergone an overhaul recently. As such, it’s gotten into the center of attention by mixing experience and innovation. We’ve decided to look at the company and report what we find in our ViaChains review.
To start off, it’s not difficult to notice the effects of the changes ViaChains introduced. Often, older brokerages fall victim to time and end up banking on their legacy for too long. When that gives out, and users realize that the experience is underwhelming, such companies crumble.
However, ViaChains took a different approach, realizing development is necessary for survival. As such, it has gone through various aspects of its service and brought them up to date. That much is apparent even while you’re looking through the website.
The browsing experience is pleasant and effective. The broker presents information well, meaning there’s not much filler content. As such, you can get to the point quickly and without wasting your time.
The sectioning also contributes to that, with the broker hitting a sweet spot. There aren’t too many pages on the site, which would confuse users and make it difficult to find the small details you’re looking for. However, there aren’t too few either, which avoids the issue of the website feeling overwhelming.
Lastly, we also need to focus on practical functionality and usability, and ViaChains still holds up. The website loads quickly with all its elements and transitions between web pages smoothly. There are no missing pages, meaning the broker hasn’t made any lapses while creating the website.
All that sets the tone for our review. We’re quite impressed with what the broker has shown us and are eager to see more.

Fund and Account Security

Privacy policy
Safety is a huge concern for most people that participate in online trading. Scammers have been running amok for a long time, and traders had little in the way of protection. However, the situation has definitely improved, and although the situation isn’t perfect, it’s a lot better than in the past.
Two factors have converged to make the online brokerage world safer. The first is its legitimization in the eyes of regulators and legislators. Today, laws are in place to prevent brokers from hurting their customers, and scammers are much more likely to be persecuted.
The other factor is a bit more disheartening, and it’s that scammers have shifted their focus. Fraud thrives in unregulated areas with inexperienced participants, and that description fits crypto perfectly. Since it’s the new craze in investing, many have traded cryptocurrencies, convinced it’s a way for them to get ruck quickly. Such traders don’t do their research and often fall for false promises, making them the prime target for online fraud.
So today’s brokerage world is safer, but that doesn’t mean every company is valid. For our ViaChains review, we looked at the broker’s history and actions to determine its intentions.
Luckily, the broker has a rich and long history without any major transgressions. It’s also UK-based, meaning it’s subject to stricter legislation regarding online finance companies. Altogether, that makes the chance of the broker intending something wrong close to zero.
Even if it were to attempt a scam, it would most likely get caught before causing any major damage. Again, we feel like the broker’s integrity shows us that it has no intention of doing anything malicious toward users. ViaChains is one of the few places you can go to and be sure your money is safe.

Registration at

ViaChains streamlined its registration process without splitting it into a needless amount of steps like a lot of brokers do. Navigating to the registration screen is easy, as a “Register” button floats on the top right of your screen. Once you’re there, ViaChains will ask you to fill in some basic information about yourself.
You’ll need to type in your first and last name and address. That’s for later identification and confirming whether you’re within the broker’s service area. The broker will also need your phone as an additional layer of confirmation. Also, you’ll choose your password there instead of going to a different screen as usual.
Registration at
The broker also included a few utility features that serve to enhance the user experience. For starters, there’s the option to choose your base account currency right there. That can avoid any problems with forced conversion when you deposit funds into your account.
Also, there’s a field for promo codes, which you can use if another user brought you to ViaChains. That way, you’ll both be eligible for rewards further down the line.

ViaChains’ Trading Platform

Trading software plays a huge role in creating an experience that’s both pleasant and potent. And as we mentioned earlier in our ViaChains review, it has renewed itself to keep up with the times. Of course, that included its platform, which has undergone multiple changes and tweaks.
The result is that the broker’s platform can keep up with and even exceed most modern trading software. There’s a unique blend of usability and comfort that sets apart ViaChains’ software from similar tools.
As you’re most likely used to, the platform has a ton of analytical tools in its arsenal. It’s an invaluable analysis assistant with many features that increase the precision of your predictions and help you navigate markets. It supports numerous visual indicators that can guide you on your trading journey and ensure you meet your goals.
Functionally, you get a UI that’s simple to understand and favors users. ViaChains clearly values user experience highly and made every aspect of its service with it in mind. Not only that, but the platform is programmable and allows users to optimize their trading process to what they believe to be most successful.
Lastly, it’s also important to mention that the broker has personalized solutions for traders. If you aren’t finding everything you need, you can freely place a request with the broker. As long as it’s within reason, the broker will gladly humor you and unlock the feature or asset you requested.

Trading Products

As we said multiple times in our ViaChains review, the broker has kept up with the times. That means that, besides traditional assets, it also offers a diverse set of cryptocurrencies for users to trade. As such, the broker has options for assets from every popular global category.
The number of trading instruments is impressive as well, with over 14,000 assets in the library. That means users will have access to their favorite assets as well as some experimentative options. When you add the customization on top of that, the chances of the broker not having an asset you like are none.

ViaChains Review: Conclusion

It should be very apparent from our ViaChains review that the broker has impressed us. It’s one of the few companies that offers a modern, potent service while having the experience to back it up. It has succeeded where many have failed, in overhauling its service and actually making a significant improvement. As such, it stands above most brokerages easily.
Needless to say, we’d like to suggest ViaChains as a potential broker for you. The versatility, modularity, and security are unmatched, offering a fantastic customer experience.

ViaChains Review
ViaChains Logo

Name: ViaChains

Description: It should be very apparent from our ViaChains review that the broker has impressed us. It's one of the few companies that offers a modern, potent service while having the experience to back it up. It has succeeded where many have failed, in overhauling its service and actually making a significant improvement. As such, it stands above most brokerages easily.

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Comments Rating 4.66 (38 reviews)

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