URUST token is already available. What about LIT and SGOLD?


Urust Global is a relatively new company with an interesting vision of the Defi world’s development. The company launched its hot native utility token, URUST, on October 12, 2022. The sale will end on January 9, 2023. 1 URUST is trading for 0.25 USD during the initial coin offering. However, its price will likely increase over time. The total supply of tokens is 80,000,000, but only some percentage is available for purchase for now.

Urust Global team has great aspirations. Most people associate Metaverse with digitalization, thinking that it will ultimately result in the dematerialization of a great many facets of humans’ belongings and activities. Defi enthusiasts believe that the Metaverse will become a major part of our future. It offers many benefits that seem so attractive to users.

For instance, a decentralized world frees people from the necessity of mediators when it comes to moving their own assets or funds. Users need metaverses that bring such freedom. Thankfully, developers can now build on the Decentralized Ledger Technology, also called DLT. The Urust Global team believes it is the only type of Metaverse that will prevail in the coming years.

Moreover, digital identities will become a crucial part of future Metaverses. They enable users to express and present themselves in new ways. Besides, people can develop new forms of interaction thanks to their virtual alter-egos. But these digital identities also need decentralization.

Urust Global decided to take a dual approach to help create such Defi platforms. The company introduced a Soul Bound Token (SBT) that can represent digital identity. After issuing them, the platform bounds SBTs to unique blockchain accounts or wallets belonging to specific individuals. In addition, the company follows the open standard set by the W3C Decentralized Identifier Working Group and DIF.


LitBit Finance also launched its native token – LIT

LitBit Finance is another interesting company. It aims to empower project developers, offering them an Initial dex offering platform. Besides, LitBit also provides incubation services on the Cronos Network. Its high-level security and anti-whale system mechanics protect investors, ensuring project stability and safety from scams throughout its life cycle.

The team wants to provide access for every investor, so they will be able to invest in high-quality curated projects with a big potential for success. However, the company needs funding for the development of its own platform. Thus, it launched the native token, LIT, on September 12, 2022. Its ICO sale will end on January 1, 2023. The price of 1 LIT is 0.06 USD at this stage. The total supply of tokens is 500,000,000. LitBit offers token holders various benefits on its platform.


Meanwhile, SpaceGold promises to bring more gold to Earth 

An Asteroid mining project – SpaceGold wants to bring Gold and Platinum metals to our planet from the cosmos. This decentralized platform plans to purchase gold produced in asteroid mines by using Blockchain technology.

The company’s native token, SGOLD, is very trending. Its total supply is 1,500,000,000, and the team is offering some percentage for the ICO sale. SGOLD is an ERC20, and its price is currently 1 USD. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, and LTC in exchange for its coins.

SpaceGold isn’t the first company attempting to deliver precious metals from space. Many other corporations tried to do the same in the past. However, they couldn’t find a good approach to process the metals in space. The SpaceGold team claims that it found a way to simplify mining in space. It plans to deliver the metals to Earth 5 years after the start of operation.

Moreover, SpaceGold developed a method that not only mines but also refines and returns platinum and gold group metals from deep space in traceable 0.1-troy-ounce tiles. The latter is secured by a blockchain entry (NFT) at the time of delivery to their owners.

The company will use the investment funds for engineering, launching, and operating spacecraft over the next five years. It will equip these shafts with proven moon and asteroid mining and refining technology. SpaceGold Corporation already owns such machines. Despite its ambitious plans, the company has already gained many followers on various networks, believing that it will achieve success.


Meanwhile, SpaceGold promises to bring more gold to Earth 

What is TINK, and what does it offer? 

TINK is Roar Holte’s native token. Its ICO sale started on September 19, 2022. It will end on December 19, 2022. 1 TINK is trading for 0.24 USD currently, but its value will likely increase after the initial coin offering ends. The total supply of tokens is 1111101000. However, the company accepts only ADA in exchange for its coins.

Roar Holte is an interesting project. Its creator Youblob has been working on an online makerspace solution for the last ten years. The team saw great potential in blockchain technology from the beginning. So, it decided to use the latter and realize its potential to the fullest.

The company offers various sets of services based on its users. The team calls creators – Makers, and it offers them a native wallet that can hold ADA, along with Tinker Token and Fiat. Besides, users will be able to enjoy several incentive solutions both from a creator standpoint, Manufacturers/Distributors, and physical Makerspaces.


What other benefits does this platform offer? 

Makers can convert their ideas into Blueprint NFTs and sell them on the markets or collect them to earn from various incentive functions. Furthermore, users will be able to earn money every time their brainchild NFTs are resold. Makers can also create teams and collaborate on the same Blueprints. The platform will support all projects.

Meanwhile, Makerspaces will be able to charge subscription fees through the Youblob platform for their members. They can connect makers’ Blueprints, as well as get an overview of the value generated in their local community. Roar Holte will even offer a booking calendar for the Makerspace equipment.

Thanks to this platform, distributors can connect to new manufacturers. The team works on simplifying the distribution process, making it easier for every party involved. Manufacturers will be able to see what buyers use their products for after selling them. Overall, this platform offers many advantages to its users.


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