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UnMarshal Released New Tokens. Are They a Good Investment?

Unmarshal launched its new token MARSH today. Total 1,347,058 MARSH are for sale, and the tokens are trading for $0.17 currently. However, you have only two days to acquire them at this price as the initial coin offering ends on March 31.

Unmarshal is a multi-chain DeFi network of indexers. It provides unobstructed access to Blockchain data for DeFi applications. In fact, the company offers its clients access to reliable data through its decentralized network nodes.

It caters to data in multiple formats like APIs, GraphQL, Websockets, Notifications, etc. Thanks to such diversification, application developers do not need to decode it into their native applications.

According to the company, dApp creators can easily harness Unmarshal’s network nodes to avoid the burden of reiterating the unstructured data into a usable format. Moreover,  that allows the creators to provide an intuitive and superior experience to their applications’ users. 

What is $MARSH, and how can you use it for earning profits on the market?

$MARSH is the utility token. It powers Unmarshal’s Network and, at the same time, incentivizes network contributors such as Indexers and Node runners, etc.

Investors can use the $MARSH for various purposes. For instance, if data consumers want to use Unmarshal’s infrastructure, they can stake $MARSH tokens as a payment for using the company’s services.

If indexers want to provide indexing and query processing, they have to become node operators first. They can stake a $MARSH token to achieve that goal.

Other network contributors will also be able to earn $MARSH tokens as rewards for contributing their services to the network.

Unmarshal is a strong network. It offers various interesting opportunities to its clients. For example, you can build applications to track users’ token balances, protocol positions, and transactions with Unmarshal’s APIs and Notifications.

Furthermore, Unmarshal’s protocol engine enables users to track protocol volumes, transactions, analytics, and user positions for borrowing, lending, and liquidity.

Investors can use Unmarshal’s insights & analytics dashboards, and price trend notifications to make better investment decisions. Due to the network’s many strengths, analysts believe investing in this company’s tokens may prove a sound decision.

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