Undeads’ Token UDS Is In The Spotlight. Why’s That?

Undeads is a new multiplayer MMORPG game. It comes with a large selection of income-producing mechanics. This platform will enable players to enjoy exciting gameplay and earn cryptocurrencies in the process. Undeads is an isometric survival game. Its action-combat plot brings gamers into a post-apocalyptic metaverse. Users have to participate in a resource-oriented conflict between two factions: Humans and Zombies. They will have an opportunity to explore new territories.

However, each player will have their own land. They will need to defend their settlement, find resources, and craft and improve equipment. There are other options if those activities could be more interesting to you, such as trade or choosing and learning a profession. Players can develop their NFT character gradually, adding new skills as the game evolves.

The company also introduced the platform’s native utility token UDS. It plans to launch its ICO sale soon. This token will bring its holders various benefits. Participants can use it as the exchange currency to trade in the marketplace.


What Is The Game Plot?

According to the game, it’s 2035 year, and people are still fighting for power and domination. They use any methods at their disposal, including science. During an experiment on a bioweapon, one of the viruses, called HÈL, escaped from Rubicon’s laboratory. It started spreading around the metaverse rapidly, causing utter chaos. HÈL is designed to enhance the mental and physical capabilities of a human. It also develops various aspects of the senses that humans lost in the millennia of evolution.

As every person is different, the virus affects everyone differently. A majority of infected people turned into unconscious predators. They can no longer control their animal instincts and have an insatiable craving for living flesh. These are new-fledged Zombies.

However, the others avoided the same fate thanks to their immunity. The latter stems from these individuals’ genetic uniqueness. Thanks to that, they retained their memories, intellect, and habits. But they aren’t totally scot-free. These few humans still experience an instinctive thirst for the flesh. The team calls them Smart Zombies. There are also Legendary Zombies, who acquired specific psychosomatic and mental abilities.

Furthermore, the game offers one solution – the only chance of survival. That is a Rubicon Corp. antidote. But the virus escaped before the scientists could put the antidote through the test phase. As a result, its effect is both unpredictable and dangerous. Several outcomes can occur; the person taking the antidote can either block the initial reaction to the HÈL virus (complete healing) or block it only partially and return to consciousness (Smart zombies). In some cases, individuals can complete mutation and join the ranks of Mutant People.


How Will The Gameplay Unfold?

The game starts after nine months have passed since the outbreak. Presently, the metaverse is divided into two factions: humans aiming to return life to the pre-zombie era and get rid of zombies, and zombies who think that they are the next step in evolution, and thus, they must wipe all human beings out of existence. Players can choose sides and join others to achieve victory.

The team behind this project wants to build an ecosystem of active gamers and deliver the ultimate gaming experience created around a community and player-driven economy, which is supercharged with a broad range of income-building mechanics and engaging activities.

How the game evolves depends on the players and which side they will take. There are so many opportunities to grab on. And unlike most other games, users can choose to be villains instead of taking the good guys’ side. For gamers seeking unusual settings, that may prove an interesting challenge.

The Undeads team aims to change the perception of play-to-earn games. It will power the next generation of Web3 Gaming. The company incorporated blockchain technology in its games as it offers many benefits. While the play-to-earn option is important, it’s now the only draw to the game. The team wants to offer captivating, exciting, and immersive gameplay.

Rich gameplay, multi-verified security, and fine-tuned economy design are also the team’s primary priorities. It will ensure that players’ assets are well-protected. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why the company decided to use the blockchain.

This platform will create Game Finance and Meta Finance for the P2E community. In addition, the team will develop a social in-game VR HUB. The latter will allow players to meet and interact and enjoy a full-featured VR experience.


What Is Undeads VR Hub, And How Does It Work?


What Is Undeads VR Hub, And How Does It Work?

Undeads VR hub is a part of the game’s metaverse. In this space, the players can meet their comrades and new players. They will also have an opportunity to play their favorite games and gain incredible rewards. Gamers will find both exciting and profitable things to do in the VR Hub. NFT Dogs Racing, VR RC Racing, Fishing, Bowling, and so on are among them.

According to the team, the Undeads players will be able to participate in the thrilling NFT Dogs racing. The winners will earn crypto rewards. Users can race their own NFT dog. They will win a $UDS token if they reach the finish alive.

On the other hand, RC VR racing offers a different experience, but it’s no less thrilling. Players can participate in VR racing competitions with their fellow Undeadians and win the title of Metaverse champion.

Fishing is one more amusement that gamers can seek. They can relax and catch the biggest fish in the Metaverse. However, there are also options for more active spearfishing or unpredictable but accurate spin fishing.

If players prefer other kinds of games, there is also Bowling and Pool. The latter involves uncovering your virtual pool stick and hitting the ball right into the hole. The users will have to compete with other Undeads players to win rewards. The shooting gallery will enable the community members to challenge their accuracy. They will have a chance to become the best gunner in the Metaverse, though. Overall, this game has a lot to offer, and its native token provides additional advantages.



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