Ultimate Champions offer an exciting game. What is CHAMP? 


Ultimate Champions is a new immersive gaming platform. It offers free-to-play fantasy football game. The company got officially licensed digital cards hosted as non-fungible tokens on the blockchain. The team aims to provide players with an exciting experience. On this platform, users will be able to leverage their football knowledge and build the best team every week. They will also have an opportunity to earn rewards, including tokens ($MGC, $CHAMP) and Cards (NFTs).

Moreover, the gamers will play with their friends and test their football knowledge to win tokens. The goal is to become the Ultimate Champion, as the latter will get the best benefits.

The Ultimate Champions team has always enjoyed video games. Now it wants to offer other players a great experience. The team members observed and studied blockchain technology and Web3 for the last seven years while simultaneously developing video games at Ubisoft. They have lots of experience in both gaming and Defi.

While the video games industry is quite big, the traditional version lacks some of the benefits that the blockchain-based one offers. For example, players don’t truly own their in-game assets in games with traditional frameworks. In addition, those items have no value outside of the game. Thus, when a user stops playing a particular game, they lose all the money and time invested in it.

Ultimate Champions aim to change that. The company plans to leverage the capabilities of blockchain and non-fungible tokens to solve these problems. The platform will offer players true ownership over the assets they purchase or earn in the game. Besides, all game items are NFTs. As a result, they have value in cryptocurrency, even outside of the game.


What does the company aim to achieve? 

Ultimate Champions wants to build a fantasy sports platform intended for a mainstream audience. The team will leverage its free-to-play expertise to make a game that is fun, immersive, and easily accessible. It chose the play-to-earn model to enable people to earn money while enjoying the game.

The company will focus on football. It plans to build an accessible cross-league fantasy football game at first. However, afterward, the team wants to expand its eco-system with more fantasy sports.

Ultimate Champions stands out among the other similar games with three key points. Those are accessibility, authenticity, and a player-first attitude. The team focuses on building a game with a fair economy. Everyone will be able to play this game all year long for free. Users will even get great rewards as the platform succeeds. The company aims to create a fun, immersive, and exciting player experience. It believes that blockchain technology brings new possibilities that can be leveraged for gamers’ interests.

Besides, being authentic is very important. Thus, Ultimate Champions will provide a true fantasy football game. The player teams will contain 11 players. The company also offers officially licensed collectibles, thus enabling players to connect with their beloved clubs.

Fantasy football has already gained popularity among Defi users. That’s why the Ultimate Champions team decided to develop such a game. This is a game genre where players are in the manager’s position. Their mission is to build the best possible team weekly, using Ultimate Cards.


How does this model work? 

Unlike classic fantasy games, Ultimate Champions offers more advantages as it boasts additional layers. For instance, this game allows users to own their teams as collectibles. The platform also has Athletes from multiple national leagues worldwide.

The company also uses a wide array of statistics from every football game. Gamers will easily register a team of 14 Ultimate Cards in in-game competitions. These are in sync with real-world sports calendars, usually spanning over a few days.

During the competitions, the platform will apply real-life performances to the fantasy ones, using the same scores. Users will earn rewards if their teams reach a certain points threshold. The rewards include its crypto tokens, as well as new NFT athlete cards.


What is APWine, and what does it offer? 

APWine is a new marketplace for yield derivatives that provides interesting services. This is also the first protocol that offers future yield tokenization. The founder team started working on the project in August 2020. That was the time when yield farming was still new to the ecosystem. Four-digit APYs became common during that period, giving the team idea to develop the APWine protocol. This platform enables customers to sell their yield in advance and stop worrying about future market fluctuations.

The protocol employs two token mechanisms, FYT (Future yield token) and PT (Principal token). The first one represents the generated yield over the specific period duration (for now, 90 days), and the second one represents customers’ deposits over the period. Various types of users will find these systems interesting. Thanks to the APWine platform, they will be able to sell their yield in advance, as well as buy yield. Liquidity providers will also have an opportunity to add liquidity in the two types of AMM pools: PT/FYT and PT/Underlying.


What about the APW Token?


What about the APW Token?

The APW token is the platform’s native utility coin. The company distributed it through a Liquidity Bootstrapping Event at first. However, investors can already trade it on Comethswap on Polygon and on SushiSwap on mainnet.

APW is an ERC-20 token. It mainly focuses on protocol governance through the APWine DAO. Moreover, the coin follows a Curve-like form of voting escrow (veAPW). The latter has a Lock capability. Thus, users can lock their APW for up to 2 years, receiving an increased voting weight in return. They will also get a share of protocol rewards. The longer customers lock their APW, the more voting power they have.

Moreover, if users lock their tokens for up to 2 years, they will receive an increased voting weight on gauge power, an increased voting weight on proposal power, and a share of protocol rewards.

This protocol aims to build a progressive revenue model. According to the team, this model will feature performance fees along with futurized yield. The platform will allow customers to vote on all fees and participate in governance proposals. Overall, this platform has strong potential. 


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