UFC Trading Cards – All That You Need To Know About Them

Have you ever wondered what UFC trading cards represent? What makes the UFC collection so popular with many enthusiasts worldwide, and in what ways do they benefit from them? First of all, we all know how popular the UFC itself is around the world and how crazy people are for their matches, following their day and night.

Ultimate Fight Championship represents a specific mixed martial art whose abbreviation is MMA. This promotion company is based in Nevada, operated by LLC and Zuffa, and entirely owned by the famous Endeavor Group Holdings. All those who adore UFC know that, since 2011, it has been the largest MMA promotion company.

Since there are so many fans of the Ultimate Fight Championship, it’s no surprise that UFC trading cards have become a worldwide phenomenon. So, what do they actually represent? Why have they considered the most valuable trading cards so far? What are NFT UFC trading cards?

Let’s know more about it from its beginning, shall we?

UFC trading cards – phenomenon explained

UFC trading cards are very popular collectibles that appeared on the market in 2009. Each line of these cards starts with a specific base set where every set of UFC trading cards is identified with a specific name and year. Once you open the packs, you’ll realize how plentiful they are and how they’ll make up most of the contents.

For instance, the Topps UFC 2019 Chrome includes 100 ordinary cards, numbered from 1 to 100 on the back. There are these collectors who would try to get each example of these cards, which, usually, aren’t valuable. However, building sets are the main fun source for many passionate collectors.

The famous UFC Topps sets

As a passionate collector of UFC trading cards, it’s essential to know some of the following UFC Topps sets, which are the best place to start if you’re eager to know more about UFC trading cards:

  • Chrome line – active from 2017 to 2019, expired in 2020.
  • Knockout line – Every year has been appearing since 2010.
  • Museum line – Since 2016, the Museum line has appeared every year except in 2020.

Panini UFC Prizm

The Panini got the license for future UFC card sets, which was announced in early 2021. Panini UFC Prizm was the first set that was planned to be released in April, which was very well received by passionate collectors who couldn’t wait to see the first set. A great example of a base or regular card is the one with the famous MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Rare UFC trading card sets

But, besides that, there are also some sets with rare cards such as autographs, relics, image variations, mini sets, refractors or parallels, or a combination of all these things. When it comes to a UFC trading card that includes a specific image variation, it’s clear that it has a picture that differs from the card that is regular based. These cards come in serial-numbered and unnumbered versions.

The most valuable UFC trading cards


We’ve got answers for you if you were wondering what the most valuable UFC trading cards and the best UFC trading boxes are. The most valuable ones are:

  • Autographs – These cards could be signed directly. It’s called an on-card on a sticker later put on the card, or the so-called “hard-signed.”
  • Relics – Relic cards are famous for having a piece of embedded memorabilia which is related to the event or the fighter. It could have a piece of mat or glove, for instance.
  • Limited editions are serial numbered – These serial numbered cards are also called “parallels” or refractors. They are limited, i.e., their amount is strictly defined. There can be either one or 288 copies. Remember that the fewer copies there are, the more valuable the card will be.
  • Rookies – Topps UFC cards include the “RC” notation on the card. From the first year, a fighter has a card. Some Rookie cards don’t have that notation.
  • Fighter which is either successful or popular – Popularity is very important with the fighter because becoming a champion, for instance, is also a great factor. The more popular the sportsman is, the higher demand for owning their card will be.

How are UFC trading cards valuable?

Even though these UFC trading cards are extremely popular, it’s crucial to understand that none of these traits by itself can’t actually make it valuable. Very often, a combination of them is extremely necessary.

To explain this better, you might encounter a card with a serial number limited to only five copies. If we are talking about an MMA fighter that’s not so well known, the demand won’t be big, despite its rarity. On the other hand, the same type of card from the same year would be much more worthwhile if a famous athlete is shown.

In some cases, a UFC trading card with only one trait could be worth something. For instance, an autographed rookie from a 2009 Topps set can be very valuable, even though it isn’t really rare. However, fewer of these cards are circulating nowadays because of their age.

So, once you’re familiar with how features make a UFC card worth it, it’s not hard to imagine some extremely expensive cards. One of these examples is a card autographed refractor of Georges St-Pierre or some similar cards of Ronda Rousey or Conor McGregor.

Where to buy UFC cards?

UFC Trading Cards

You’re able to buy this cards at local shops and online. The best place to purchase them could be on Amazon, where you can find the best UFC trading card boxes.

There you’re able to see their exact prices, which differ from one card to another so you won’t need a specific UFC trading cards price guide. It all depends on the set you’re willing to buy.

Different ways to collect UFC trading cards

As someone passionate about collecting UFC cards, you should keep in mind that there are different ways of doing so, such as:

  • Collecting certain fighters
  • Building sets
  • Investing
  • Collecting the nicest trading cards
  • Combining these cards

The first NFT UFC Trading Cards by UFC and Panini America

Those who are into Non-Fungible tokens would be thrilled to know that the world’s biggest material arts organization, UFC with Panini America, the exclusive UFC trading card manufacturer and the largest licensed entertainment and sports collectibles companies, have come together to present to the world the UFC NFT trading cards.

These UFC NFT trading cards are the first-ever collectibles of that kind. They’re digital replicas of the famous Panini UFC trading cards known for their most valuable milestones, moments, and fights.

Panini NFT Blockchain Platform

All those enthusiasts who want to own some of the NFT UFC trading cards could buy them on the Panini NFT Blockchain platform. It’s a special website where users can see the following Blockchain categories:

  • Blockchain store
  • Marketplace
  • My Cards
  • Claim Blockchain Card
  • Blockchain checklist
  • Blockchain support.

On this platform, you’re also able to spot top weekly sales, featured blockchain NFT cards, featured instant NFT cards, recent sales, featured blockchain packs and challenges, public auctions, the crypto market, and much more!

Featuring 100 different UFC athletes

The Panini UFC NFT was set to incorporate Panini’s authentic Select and Prizm designs, featuring more than 100 different UFC athletes. Among others, these famous MMA fighters are:

  • Conor McGregor
  • Jorge Masvidal
  • Amanda Nunes
  • Derrick Lewis
  • Israel Adesanya

Note that all cards will be available while there are supplies at the official Licensed Sports NFT Digital Cards Packs and Challenges at Panini America.

NFTs – an extension of Panini UFC trading cards


According to Tracey Bleszinski, the UFC Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products, the company was extremely eager to work with panini America, the globally popular collectible trading card company, to offer the first-ever UFC NFTs to all devoted fans.

He also stated that this NFTs represent an extension of Panini UFC trading cards and are a fresh way for all devoted fans to stay connected to Ultimate Fight Championship and their favorite sportspeople.

Bleszinski said they’re excited about the huge growth and potential of a huge NFT space. Once they became the first-ever trading card manufacturer that produced licensed Non-Fungible Tokens in the early months of 2022, they proved that the appeal of their most famous physical brands is transferred beautifully into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens in general.

Besides that, their planned UFC NFTs are going to take the category to the top level! So if you’re a huge fan of Ultimate Fight Championship and Non-Fungible Tokens, the UFC NFT trading cards are the best possible combination you can ever get!

Available NFT UFC Trading Cards for sale

  • Global Icons Insert Pack at the price of $15
  • Tie-Dye Pack at the price of $49
  • Gold Parallel Pack at the price of $149
  • Gold Vinyl Parallel Pack – Dutch Auction.

Remember that UFC and Panini America have also announced their multi-year licensing agreement. Panini America UFC was named the official and exclusive collectible trading card partner, representing a huge thing in this case!

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