Two New Technologies from 2021 that May Change Our Lives

The Tech sector is continuing to evolve rapidly. We used to develop new technologies to create more comfort in our everyday lives and ease the hard jobs. But the Covid-19 pandemic showed us how much we depend on various technologies for survival. Without them, millions of people would be out of jobs. However, technology is much more crucial as it poses the only way to defeat the pandemic and save millions of lives. Take the Covid-19 vaccine, for example. It is one of the breakthroughs of this year.  


While the scientists worked on different vaccines, the two most effective ones against the coronavirus are based on the messenger RNA. This technology has already been in the works for 20 years. So, last January, after the Covid-19 outbreaks, scientists at several biotech companies quickly turned to mRNA, considering it as a way to create potential vaccines. Over the year, more than 1.5 million had died from Covid-19 worldwide. Thus, the global economy froze due to lockdowns and other restrictions. However, in late December 2020, the vaccines received approval in the United States, marking the beginning of the end of the pandemic.


The technology which scientists used for coronavirus vaccines has never been used in therapeutics until now. But it has the potential to transform medicine. We could create other vaccines against various infectious diseases, including malaria, using RNA. Furthermore, even if Covid-19 keeps mutating, we can easily and quickly modify mRNA vaccines.


Researchers speak about using Messenger RNA as the basis for cheap gene fixes and sickle-cell disease, as well as HIV and cancers.


What about Lithium-metal batteries?


This is the second technology that also has the power to change the world. While gas-operated vehicles are very harmful to the atmosphere, electric ones come with a tough sales pitch and less percentage.


Besides, they need to recharge after you drive them for only a few hundred miles, and that takes far longer than stopping for gas. All these disadvantages are related to the limitations of lithium-ion batteries. However, Silicon Valley startup announced that it has a battery that will make electric cars far more palatable for the mass consumer.


QuantumScape developed a lithium-metal battery. The company released early test results, showing that the battery could boost the range of an EV by 80%. Furthermore, we can recharge it rapidly. The startup already made a deal with VW, which declared that it plans to sell EVs with the new type of battery by 2025.

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