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Twitter Takes Down Trump Tribute Video for George Floyd

Social media giant, Twitter Inc., recently disabled the United States president’s tribute video for George Floyd. The technology company reportedly took down Trump’s video due to copyright complaints.

The said video was a compilation of photographs and videos from the various protests after Floyd’s death. The United States president also spoke in the background of the said controversial video.

Some critics cried out that the video was edited to look like Floyd’s death is the cause of the ongoing violence now in the United States.

The death of George Floyd after his encounter with police officers sparked nationwide protests. People from all over the United States tweeted their support for the #BlackLivesMatter protest.

But, eventually, the protests reached other countries such as Japan, the United Kingdom, and even Brazil. Technology news reports have shown ongoing protests all around the world, which sparked political debates over supporters and other people.

Twitter stated that Trump’s video tribute goes against the platform’s copyright policies.

According to the representative of the company, it took down the video because of the copywrite owner’s complaint.

The controversial video was first uploaded on Trump’s YouTube channel earlier this week. The said tribute lasted for three minutes and 45 seconds.

Trump’s tribute video is still on YouTube, and it currently has more than 60,000 views and around 13,000 likes.

When asked for comments, Google, the parent company of YouTube, did not respond.

This is not the first move made by the social media platform against the US president. Yesterday, it was reported that Snapchat has also made a move to handle the “inflammatory” content of the president.

Washington Is Watching

Twitter has been under intense scrutiny by Trump’s team after it fact-checked the president’s tweet. The social media platform flagged the alleged tweet about unsubstantiated claims about fraud in mail-in voting.

Aside from that, the platform has also labeled the recent tweet from the president about the protests as “glorifying violence.”

Modern technology has allowed the social media platform to become one of the most visited websites for news. The civil unrest following the death of George Floyd has driven the protests on Twitter.

The social media platform has seen a record number of new installations this week, according to technology experts.

The rise of immediacy for news has boosted the company’s figures during the pandemic. The company saw around 1 million new installs on Monday and Tuesday this week.

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