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Top 9 News Network Broadcast Company Worldwide

News, in general, is necessary for making the world go around well, especially to those who make a financial decision based on their trusted news network. May it be a sports news, local news or a weather report, news have powerful impacts on people. There is various way of accessing news: Online (digital), print (magazines and newspaper), and broadcasting (TV and radio).

The reach of the audience is critical in predicting the potential of the news broadcasting company. Now, it would be better to know and keep in mind of the companies which diversify further in investing in non-news related businesses including software, data analysis, and real estate services.

In this post, you’ll know the top news companies and their market cap figures (as of November 2018). Let’s now list down from starting straight from the top one.

News Corp. – $7.48 billion (market cap)

Wide information and media servicing company formed on the time when Rupert Murdoch split News Corporation into two (News Corp & 21st Century Fox). The company focuses on news and information services and has four additional segments which are Cable Network Programming, Digital Real Estate Services, Book Publishing and Others (with paid television services, book publishing, and online services). Their famous brands are Times, Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, The Sun, Herald Sun, HarperCollins Publishers, and FOX Sports.

The New York Times Company – $4.21 billion (market cap)

The company owns various reputed brands such as The New York Times, The New York Times International Edition and The company is a worldwide media operates in journalism that owns and operates their own digital platform.

Tribune Media Co. – $3.39 billion (market cap)

Tribune Media Co. has a television and digital channels in which provides news, entertainment, and sports programs. The company owns more than 40 tv stations. Even its WGN America reaches more than eighty million households. They also make strategic investments in other media business such as TV Food Network, Classified Ventures, and Mashable.

Daily Mail and General Trust plc – $2.82 billion (market cap)

A UK-based company was established during the year 1922 and was listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company has a significant presence worldwide via subsidiary DMG World Events and DMG information. Daily Mail and General Trust also operate in data analytics, information, and entertainment.

E.W. Scripps – $1.38 billion (market cap)

A large media group founded in 1878. The company operates TV stations, newspapers, and local & national digital media websites. The company’s business was split among three streams – television, newspapers, and content syndication (and other such as the Scripps National Spelling Bee).

Gannett Co. Inc. – $1.12 billion (market cap)

News and media information company, operating a broadcast, publishing, and digital. The company owns the famous brand USA Today. The company’s broadcasting segment operates 43 TV stations while its publishing segment makes a daily content at about eighty publications and has more than 400 non-daily local publications, lastly their digital segment cover contents via digital platforms, digital marketing services, and online HR software solution.

Daily Journal Corporation – $325.86 million (market cap)

Daily Journal Corporation operates as an information servicing provider via print and digital media mainly in California and Arizona. The company’s most known brands are The Los Angeles Daily Journal, Daily Commerce, The San Francisco Daily Journal, The Daily Recorder, The Inter-City Express, The Orange County Reporter, Business Journal, and The Record Reporter.

A.H. Belo Corporation – $98.83 million (market cap)

The company focuses on local newspapers such as The Dallas Morning News, The Providence Journal, and The Denton Record-Chronicle.

The McClatchy Company – $54.58 million (market cap)

The company has 30 daily newspapers, non-daily newspapers, web portals, and digital publications including advertising services within 29 markets in the United States. The company’s holdings include the Star-Telegram, The Sacramento Bee, The Kansas City Star, the Miami Herald, The Charlotte Observer, and The New & Observer.

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