TLMmarkets Review – How good is this CFD broker?

General Information
Broker Name: TLMmarkets
Broker Type: Forex & CFD
Country: N/A
Operating since year: 2022
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Languages: English
Availability: 24/7
The Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone:N/A
Demo account: Yes
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: No
Other trading instruments: Yes
Minimum deposit:N/A
Maximal leverage: N/A
Spread: Floating
Scalping allowed: Yes


  • General Information & First Impressions
  • Fund and Account Security
  • Registration at
  • The Trading Accounts
  • TLMmarkets’ Trading Platform 
  • Funding and Pricing
  • Trading Products at TLMmarkets
  • Conclusion


TLMmarkets Review - How good is this CFD broker?


General Information & First Impressions

TLMmarkets is a new mobile-oriented brokerage offering a unique CFD trading experience. In our TLMmarkets review, we’ll tell you about the broker’s usability, features and opennes. As such, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to use it as your trading hub.

Some traders may instinctively feel some reserve about trading via CFDs. There’s a lot of misinformation online, with some sources ridiculously claiming all CFDs are scams. In reality, that type of trading us much more beneficial for most online traders rather than being a setback.

The most obvious advantage is that it allows the broker that offers them to organize a diverse trading library. We’re all aware of the importance of a portfolio with various assets, and CFDs play a significant part in allowing that. But even beyond that, they’re mostly cheaper, allowing the broker to offer the most user-friendly pricing to its customers.

Even that’s not the end, as CFDs also dodge liquidity issues that some assets suffer from. That’s especially true during high-intensity trading events such as steep drops. As another side effect, the execution is quicker, making the trading experience itself more snappy and transparent.

We could go on, but it’s clear that TLMmarkets chose the right trading method for its audience. As it aims for a mobile-first approach, the variety of assets and quickness matches its potential customers’ interests. As it stands, that makes the clients’ experience more comfortable, as well as letting them earn more.

Naturally, that all results in a positive start to our TLMmarkets review. The broker is versatile, and the mobile-optimized approach is something we’re curious about. Tech is shifting towards mobile, and TLMmarkets may be a forerunner in the online brokerage industry.


Fund and Account Security

Fund and Account Security

Security is a huge concern for most traders, as a lot of us have been burned in the past. It seems that scammers are becoming more and more common, especially with the popularization of crypto. Finance is a cash cow industry, and scammers stand to gain a lot from even one successful fraud. To combat that, traders need to be aware of the companies and services they’re using.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the simplest thing to do. Some scammers have gotten really good at hiding, and they parade as real services for quite a while. Luckily for us, most of them aren’t the best at keeping their schemes under wraps. As such, if you’re experienced, you can recognize most scams at a glance.

Luckily, during our review, we didn’t pick up on anything suspicious going on. The broker seems to be a straightforward service provider, being upfront and to the point. As we already said, the service prioritizes mobile users, so the website matches that.

It provides information in small but substantial chunks. That lets you quickly get an idea of what you get once you sign up with the broker. There’s a FAQ answering the most common questions and a separate page for the privacy policy, KYC, and disclaimers. That lets us know the broker was meticulous when creating its security setup.

The company is careful about who it accepts and pays close attention to staying within its legislative requirements. As such, we have no concern about the broker secretly being malicious. 

Lastly, we should also mention the external security measures such as encryption and authentication. Of course, there are additional hidden measures, but even these two play a significant role in securing user accounts and funds.


Registration at

To register at TLMmarkets, you’ll need to press the yellow register button in the top right of your screen. That takes you to the form you need to fill with the trading platform in the faded backdrop. 

The broker only asks for basic account info to start, along with your country. Again, that follows the broker’s tendency to streamline things and make them smoother. Also, it’s a good time to mention that the broker doesn’t accept traders from specific countries. The list includes Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States of America.

After you submit your registration data, you’ll be eligible for a demo account. However, to get your real account, you’ll need to make a deposit of $250 and pass a KYC check. That will require a personal identification document, such as an ID card, passport, or driver’s license. The check itself takes up to 72 hours during working days.


The Trading Accounts

As we said in the previous section of our TLMmarkets review, the broker offers a demo account. That lets you gain insight into the trading experience and learn about the service you’re getting. And while demo trading isn’t an exact copy of trading with your real money, it’s a fantastic testing tool.

The Trading Accounts

It also lets newer traders learn about trading without spending their funds. Demo accounts are the best learning tool there is, and we always recommend spending some time on one before starting your real trading journey.

To get a live account at, you’ll need to deposit $250. Once you do that and pass the KYC check, you’re good to go. That lets you access the broker’s full service along with all of its assets and complete platform functionality.

TLMmarkets’ Trading Platform

TLMmarkets’ Trading Platform

The broker has an adaptive, fast, and convenient platform optimized for mobile devices. And during our TLMmarkets review, we’ve emphasized the mobile functionality of the broker. But don’t let that confuse you, the company still offers a fully functional computer platform for those that prefer to trade that way. 


Trading Products at TLMmarkets

TLMmarkets is a modern brokerage and aims to be a trendsetter. As such, it offers assets from all global trading categories, being able to please various groups of traders. So no matter what kind of traditional asset you prefer, TLMmarkets has got you covered.

But perhaps you’re more of a crypto enthusiast than traditional stock or forex trader. TLMmarkets is ahead of you there as well, offering a unique blend of crypto and NFT purchasing functions within its platform. 

No matter the opinion on NFTs, we do believe it’s nice that the broker offers the opportunity to purchase them. It’s something few financial services have done, and they’re usually very crypto-specific. Having a broker that can do it all is undoubtedly a significant thing.



As we see it, one of TLMmarkets’ biggest advantages is its position as a mobile-optimized broker. Most retail traders today use their phones as their device of choice. That’s a trend in tech in general and not just in trading. Even Google reports that most new searches come from mobile and has thus opted to prioritize mobile websites and services.

And while mobile trading platforms aren’t anything new in the trading world, they’re usually an afterthought. Brokers mostly create a platform for computers and then make a lofty port to work on phones. The mobile version is usually slower, lacks function, and is often riddled with bugs.

That method is archaic, and TLMmarkets recognizes that. It created a fantastic mobile-first trading service that’s every bit as potent as its computer-based peers. As such, it allows traders to participate in markets wherever they are and whenever they wish so.

That approach leads to more comfort and more freedom, so to end our TLMmarkets review, we suggest you give it a go.

TLMmarkets Review
TLMmarkets logo

Name: TLMmarkets

Description: TLMmarkets' biggest advantage is its position as a mobile-optimized broker. Most retail traders today use their phones as their device of choice. That's a trend in tech in general and not just in trading. Even Google reports that most new searches come from mobile and has thus opted to prioritize mobile websites and services.

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Comments Rating 4.56 (40 reviews)

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