TimeDAO’s token is trending. Will this platform succeed? 

 TimeDAO is a new platform that offers a time-locking solution for various decentralized apps. Unlike many other companies, TimeDAO also provides maintenance to its clients. The company refers to its apps as TimeApps. Thanks to this platform, users can safely send digital content. TimeDAO’s purpose is to persist in time. Nowadays, technologies evolve rapidly. Thus, it’s hard to ensure that different companies’ services will still be functional in 50 years. TimeDAO team recognized that problem and decided to find a solution.

 TimeDAO is essentially a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which has one exclusive purpose: ensure that the technology remains operational. The company will identify the challenges ahead and make the necessary adaptations to ensure that the service will continue to function for decades.

 As we mentioned, this network powers TimeApps, which are a new series of Dapps enabling transmission through time. Thus far, the company has developed two applications, but they remain unavailable to the general public. The first one – the TimeCapsule lets users send any type of digital file into the future at pre-selected dates. The second one – the TimeWallet enables people to send various cryptos potentially decades into the future.

 Furthermore, TimeDAO announced that it is launching its native utility token on November 12, 2021. The private sale will continue until November 26, 2021, and the TDAO token’s price will be 0.0975 USD. Public sales will start on December 10, 2021, and continue until December 31, 2021. During it, the token’s price will be 0.13 USD per TDAO. The platform will accept USDT, DAI, and BUSD in exchange for its native tokens. 

TimeDAO faces several challenges. What are they? 

 The TimeDAO’s primary challenge is that it must stand the test of time to be of any use for people. After all, what’s the point of saving information if you aren’t sure that the platform to which you entrusted your data will still exist in 20 years and you will be able to retrieve the data?

 Persistence in time is what the TimeDAO project is all about. It wants to make sure that the service will keep functioning in the future. And we have to say this concept is undoubtedly intriguing. However, here’s the catch – how can the company achieve that? How do we know that today’s one of the greatest platforms – Ethereum will exist 30 years from now and won’t be replaced by totally new technology? The TimeDAO team intends to use human agents to anticipate the coming changes and coordinate their actions through a DAO.

 The team already mapped out various plans to achieve success. It plans to maintain and upgrade the source code, along with the web interfaces and the servers; ensure that the decentralized cloud fees and server fees are paid if automatic systems fail; vote on and implement the measures, budgets, and changes necessary to adapt to the inevitable technological changes that will arise in the coming years. That could include migrating to other blockchains, as well as other decentralized clouds.


What is the Time Council, and how does it function?  

 Governance structure may vary when the team implements the DAO. Considering that DAO systems evolve very quickly, such differences seem unavoidable. A small group of agents will run the DAO. The team calls them the Time Council. Its members will oversee making proposals to ensure the persistence of the service. After that, they will submit those proposals to a general vote. They will also take the necessary actions to enforce the proposals approved by a vote, report to the general assembly of TIME token owners, and keep a vault with essential credentials safe. 

GELDF will be available soon. Why is this token popular? 

GELD Finance is a new multi-chain and hyper-deflationary swap platform, which enables staking and has its own launchpad. This company provides a powerful product-oriented ecosystem, and it supports higher-end blockchain projects to targeted consumer audiences.

 GELD Finance is also launching its native token this month. GELDF ranked very high on several ICO listing platforms. Its sale will continue through October 2021. The price will be 0.06 USD per GELDF during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 500000000. However, only 4% will be available during the ICO sale, and 7% will go to private sale (locked). The Reserve Fund will get 8%, another 8% is set aside for business development and strategy, 12% is for the ecosystem, 16% goes to public sale and foundation will get 20% (locked again), while 25% will be staked or burned. The platform will accept USDT in exchange for GELDF tokens. 

Besides, GELD Finance offers other advantages. It has implemented the Airdrop program. The latter will incentivize users to invite friends to join the ICO Sale. The customers can earn 25% of their friends’ Purchased tokens if they send invitations. In addition, the company’s referral program lets people earn $GELDF without depositing any investment. 

Defi tokens are financial applications that run on blockchains. They mirror concepts that have been successfully used in traditional finance and banking. The idea is to recreate financial services in a decentralized way without needing the intervention of any third party, such as a bank, for example. Instead of mediators, Defi users trust the written codes, also called smart contracts. Deployed to a blockchain network, smart contracts allow users to earn interest easily, obtain loans or trade digital assets, and more, all of these without relying on a third party.


How does GELD Finance work? 

 GELDF proposes an exciting solution that combines the benefits of easily accessible and profitable rewards for all with a smart and complex monetary solution. It allows the protocol to stay healthy in all market conditions. Moreover, the users will enjoy a memeable artwork design and upgradeable contracts. GELD Finance’s team is overly ambitious, dedicated, and well connected. And its token is a credible financial tool for holders and traders alike as it supports many investment strategies. 

The team has built GELD Finance token on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Smart Chain. That’s already a big advantage, considering that most of the tokens belong to only one of these platforms. Furthermore, the company designed Geld Finance Token with modularity in mind. That means every part of its system is upgradeable. Thus, the company will be able to replace various components in the future as better techniques, and competing implementations emerge. The protocol logic is based on three fundamental pillars: Management, Volume, and Policy. Their interactions with each other are crucial to the underlying functions, as well as their value.

 For instance, the first function (management) allows the community to manage the aggregation of the reserve asset, claim rewards generated in the main wallet, add locked liquidity to the LP on the DEX via temporary vault, and launch the protocol when everything is in order. Meanwhile, users will be able to stake tokens within the ecosystem with the maximum Annual percentage Yield.


 When it comes to Policy, the team will ensure its protocol’s flexibility, stability, and execution of vital functionalities; maintain ever-rising price floor by adding monetary value to the main vault and liquidity pool, maintain constant yield generation within the main wallet, and maintain the tax/burn system to deflate the native token’s supply and increase their value.

 The third function – Volume will allow the ecosystem to make sure that buys and sells contribute to overall yield generation. Higher volume means the bigger main vault and the faster deflation. As a result, the native token’s price will increase faster, as well, and token holders will get the higher the yield.

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