General Information
Broker Name:Tickmill
Broker Type:
Country: Seychelles
Operating since year: 2015
Regulation: CySEC, FSA SC, FCA UK
Address:3, F28-F29 Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Mahe, Seychelles
Broker status:
Customer Service
+852 5808 2921
Email: [email protected]
Languages:English, Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, Polish, Thai, Italian, Malay, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese, German, Arabic
Availability: 24/5
Trading platforms: MT4
Trading platform Time zone:
GMT +2
Demo account:YES
Mobile trading:
Web-based trading:
Other trading instruments:YES
Minimum deposit ($):
Maximal leverage: 1:500
Spread: NO
Scalping allowed:

Tickmill Review 2020

Review Contents:

  1. General Information – Introduction to Tickmill Review;
  2. Funds Trading and Security;
  3. Trading Accounts at Tickmill;
  4. The Tickmill Conditions;
  5. Trading Platform;
  6. TickmillsTrading Products;
  7. Customer Service;
  8. Tickmill Review Conclusion;

TickMill Review, Tickmill Review

General Information – Introduction

Tickmill is a relatively new broker, established in 2015. It has been providing quality brokerage services ever since.

The broker is based in Seychelles. The firm’s address is 3, F28-F29 Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Mahe.

When changing brokers, experienced traders have become quite cautious. Why wouldn’t they, after all, when it seems like every other company is a scam these days. The good news, however, is that Tickmill doesn’t belong in the same basket as those shady brokers. The way they do business is straight-forward and transparent, so there aren’t any tricks to worry about.

Us saying “don’t worry,” however, isn’t proof enough for most people to flock onto Tickmill. Rightfully, they want to find out about further details, which we are happy to provide:

TickMill Review, Tickmill Review


Tickmill aids newer users with a series of webinars, seminars, videos, and other learning resources. The information on the website goes quite deep, and even experienced traders could certainly learn something if they went through it all.


With spreads as low as 0 on some of their account types, they provide the best possible offer to their customers.

  • 500:1 LEVERAGE

The firm allows users to trade with a 500:1 leverage that makes it easier to turn a profit. Traders should grab any small advantage that they can, and this solid leverage allows exactly that.


Many modern brokers circumvent the complicated process of getting licensed by a strict regulator. They usually take the easy route of offshore regulation, which, in actuality, doesn’t mean anything. That makes it even more impressive that Tickmill secured not one but three licenses, which is a tough standard to achieve.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal

TickMill offers 3 diverse depositing and withdrawing methods. They are: Bank Transfer, Visa / Mastercard and Skrill.

Transfers can be done in the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP. Minimum deposit size is 100 units for all options. And withdrawal is only 25 unitits. Processing is done within one working day and no commissions are applied.

In this Tickmill review, we will closelly analyse tickmill offers and conditions.

Funds Trading and Security

TickMill Review, Tickmill Review


As we’ve already mentioned, we think quite highly of the security that Tickmill provides, and it’s time to elaborate on why. First of all, they’ve been triple-regulated by CySEC, FSA SC, and FCA UK. All of these licensers are respected institutions, and even if the firm were regulated by only one of them, they’d be in good hands. 

However, since they are covered by all three of these regulatory bodies, there’s nearly no chance of  them tricking their customers, even if they wished to do so. Additionally, they’ve been quite diligent in resolving any issues that customers might have. You can see them responding to both positive and negative reviews online, showing that they genuinely care about user experience.

To add to all of that, they haven’t had any part in any scandals. They also enjoy a positive reputation around the internet, with most of the few complaints expressing them not liking the experience, and not about any malicious behavior.

Overall, the reputation score is as good as it can get for an online broker. The way they operate seems spotless, and your funds are certainly safe with Tickmill.

Trading Accounts at Tickmill

Tickmill offers three different live account options to their customers. There’s the classic account, pro account, and VIP account, with the last one catering to those willing to invest some serious funds. Each of the accounts, however, have great advantages when compared to the investment, so you can’t really go wrong with any of them. There are also swap-free Islamic accounts, which is a nice inclusion which lets even more traders enjoy their services.

Lastly, there’s a demo account option for the users that want to test out the service before actually investing money. Demo accounts allow for a meaningful advantage since they can help you see how everything you read about a broker works in practice.

TickMill Review, Tickmill Review

However, since there’s not much else to be said about the different types of accounts, here are some of their specifications:


Minimum deposit: $100

Minimum balance: N/A

Spread: 1.6 pips

Maximum leverage: 1:500

Commissions: Zero Commissions

  • PRO

Minimum deposit: $100

Minimum balance: N/A

Spread: 0.0 pips

Maximum leverage: 1:500

Commissions: 2 per side per 100,000 traded

  • VIP

Minimum deposit: N/A

Minimum balance: $50000

Spread: 0.0 pips

Maximum leverage: 1:500

Commissions: 1 per side per 100,000 traded

TickMill Review, Tickmill Review

As you can tell, not much changes when you switch accounts, which means users don’t need to feel bad about not investing a ton of money. At the same time, however, loyalty does yield some nice rewards, so the accounts strike an excellent balance between being accommodating to budget users and high spenders.


The Tickmill Conditions

The trading conditions at Tickmill are nothing short of excellent, as they hit all the targets that make it easier for their users to turn a profit. To start off with, the leverage is at 1:500, which is, as far as many are concerned, the sweet spot, as it’s just high enough to help but not high enough for users to get ahead of themselves.

The spread is also great for users, as two of their three account types have none at all. That’s a feature you’ll rarely see an honest broker provide, and it makes earning money significantly easier. The accounts also aren’t too expensive, meaning the barrier to entry isn’t high.

Lastly, we can’t speak about trading conditions without circling back to the excellent security. Unfortunately, we live in a world where a lot of brokerage companies aim to lure users into a false sense of security and steal their money via malicious tactics, like refusing withdrawals, or straight-up draining their accounts. As such, the certainty that you won’t get scammed out of your money is viewed as a significant feature. At Tickmill, you have that security, which is in no way a small deal.

Tickmill provides near-perfect trading conditions, and we’re certain that both veterans and newer traders will enjoy the experience.

Trading Platform

TickMill Review, Tickmill Review


Tickmill, provides only one trading platform to its users, but one, in this case, is more than enough. Namely, they went with MetaTrader4, by far the most popular and widely-used platform in the brokerage world. MT4 earned that spot for a reason, with its easy to navigate interface allowing novices to jump in and start trading at the blink of an eye. Experts aren’t left out either, however, as the analytical tools MT4 provides can help you no matter what your skill level is.

To add to that, there’s a web app you can use if you’re unable to download the actual client. It loses very little in terms of functionality, and can provide a lot in the form of convenience, as you can just use any device and trade instantly.

Lastly, there’s also a mobile client that lets you trade on the go as long as you have mobile data and a stable connection. You can get it for free on the Google Play and Apple App stores, and the great thing about it is that it’s synced with all your other instances of MT4.


Tickmills Trading Products

Tickmill provides excellent variety as far as trading assets are concerned, with only one possible missing feature. To be specific, there are no options to trade cryptocurrencies, which might deter some users. However, we don’t think the lack of digital currencies is enough of a reason to miss out on the rest of their excellent offer. Here’s a short list of what you can expect to see in the broker’s selection.

  • Over sixty currencies/pairs – Currencies and their pairs are some of the most common assets to be traded. There’s quite a selection at Tickmill, so it’s quite certain you’ll find what you’re looking for.
  • Spot energies – The broker also provides the most common energy trading option in oil, which many believe to be an excellent asset to trade on. 
  • Spot metals – They also let you trade with precious metals, like gold, silver, and others. Metals are quite a stable market, and are perfect for traders that don’t want too much variety involved when they’re buying or selling.
  • Spot shares – There’s a variety of shares from many of the largest companies around the world to pick from at Tickmill. However, there’s also a selection of smaller firms, for those that believe that that’s the better route to earning money.


Customer Service

As per usual, there are three ways you can contact the Tickmill customer support team. You’ll be able to use an email address, phone line, and lastly, a live chat option. They work 24/5, as is usual in the brokerage world, and respond to emails within a business day.

What we found impressive was that their support team was active even outside their own website. They are quick to respond on many different review websites and eager to help users with their issues.

TickMill Review, Tickmill Review

Tickmill Review Conclusion

The only clear flaw that can be pointed out with Tickmill Review is the fact that they have no crypto trading options. Even then, many wouldn’t consider that a mistake at all, as they consider that the digital currency market is so volatile that you can’t make accurate predictions out of it at all. Whether you consider it a flaw or not, however, doesn’t really even matter, as there’s a ton of positives that overshadow this small negative.

They use an excellent platform, MT4, which is familiar to many users and lets them start trading without delay. The buying and selling specifications, such as the spread and leverage, are equal or better to the industry standard, meaning you’ll have an easier time achieving financial success. The customer support is quick and attentive. Which means you won’t need to wait for extended periods before your issues get resolved or questions get answered.

To top it all off, they have no apparent trust issues and enjoy a great reputation, which is a primary concern with online brokers.

After all in this Tickmill Review we can conclude that it is a good broker. We certainly recommend trying out the service for yourself and expect that you won’t be disappointed.

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