The Top Ten Most Valuable Star Wars Cards and Collectibles

Have you ever wondered if there is a collection of star wars cards and collectibles in the NFT world that are highly valued and popular? What do Star Wars NFTs represent in the ever-evolving world of non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies?

Everyone knows how popular and loved Star Wars movies are even today after many years. Lines from the movie are quoted, characters are imitated in various masquerades, and lightsabers are made as the favorite toys of many boys worldwide. You won’t find anyone who has not seen or heard about this incredible saga.

Given the massive popularity, it’s no surprise where the NFT and crypto community’s interest in the best tradable star wars cards and collectibles that can be found on the market right now comes from. If you combine an NFT enthusiast with a Star Wars movie fanatic, you’ve got a surefire fan of the best Star Wars cards out there right now.

But, before we move to the top ten most valuable Star Wars Cards and collectibles in today’s market, let’s guide newcomers to the meaning of NFT and the significance that the saga of Star Wars films still has today. So let’s start!

What exactly are Non-Fungible Tokens?

You may be a big fan of Star Wars movies, but your knowledge about Non-Fungible Tokens is scarce. To understand what makes certain NFTs in this collection more valuable than others, it is essential to understand what Non Fungible Tokens represent.

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, refer to a non-replicable and unique digital code representing a certain digital item. That digital item could be a picture, audio, video file, or some other piece of digital artwork since NFTs come in various formats. These Non-Fungible Tokens are secured and stored on a distributive ledger called a “public Blockchain.”

Since they are non-fungible, they cannot be further divided. It’s contrary to cryptocurrencies that are fungible. NFTs are stored in a digital wallet. Anyone who wants to pay them could do so with cryptocurrencies, primarily Ethereum.

What makes a Non-Fungible Token so special is that there isn’t any other coin like it in the entire world. It purely exists in a digital format.

So, now that you’ve got a clear picture of a Non-Fungible Token let’s see our Star Wars cards that are NFTs worth collecting.

Are Star Wars NFTs worth collecting nowadays?

No serious expert in the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs will guarantee you any NFT, whether it is worth investing in or not. He may give you a certain opinion or guess, but whether you invest in a particular Star Wars Card NFT or not is entirely up to you.

It means that Non-Fungible Tokens, in general, could be another thing that’s doomed to fail, or they could end up becoming extremely successful in the near future. That’s why NFTs are generally viewed as speculative investments where individuals take their risks.

For example, a great number of people thought that Bitcoin was a fad and that it won’t have any value in the future. Even though the fate of Bitcoin is still uncertain, we cannot neglect that if you’ve invested $100 in Bitcoin in the beginning, your collection could be worth more than $48 million at its best.

Some NFTs are worth risking for

Numerous people worldwide took a certain risk, invested in particular NFTs, and later became extremely rich. We cannot predict whether Star Wars trading cards from their NFT collection will increase in value over time. It’s because the crypto market is extremely volatile and dynamic.

If you’re eager to invest in interesting NFT projects, these Star Wars cards could be worth a roll of the dice. However, ensure that you’re able to afford to lose your money if things go sideways. Investing in any NFT nowadays is risky, but if you’re keen to experiment, go for it!

Star Wars merchandise is always valuable.

When it comes to the Star Wars merchandise in general, if you’ve been thinking about the Star Wars Cards value particularly, you have nothing to worry about. Ever since the first appearance of the Star Wars movie, its merchandise has appreciated significantly.

The value that rare Star Wars collectibles can fetch at various auctions nowadays is extremely large! So, now we’ve come to the top ten most valuable Star Wars cards in the market that you need to get familiar with!

What are the top ten most valuable Star Wars cards?

Finally, we come to the question that many fans of this fantastic saga of Star Wars movies are interested in answering: “What are the top ten most valuable Star Wars cards in the market today?”

But, before we move to the most valuable Star Wars collectibles that are considered to be the top Star Wars NFTs, let’s see the list of the most valuable Star Wars cards in the real world so far:

  1. Luke Skywalker #1 PSA 10, 1977 Star Wars  – worth $55,260
  2. Darth Vader #5 PSA 10, 1977 Star Wars Wonder Bread – worth $8,000
  3. Luke Skywalker #1 PSA 9, 1977 Star Wars – worth $7,699
  4. Luke Skywalker #1 PSA 10,  1977 Star Wars Wonder Bread – worth $7,000
  5. Han Solo Space Pirate #4 PSA 10,  1977 Topps Series 1 – worth $6,335
  6. Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi #6 PSA 10, 1977 Star Wars Topps Series 1 – worth $6,150
  7. Darth Vader #5 PSA 10, 1977 Star Wars Wonder Bread – worth $5,800
  8. C-3PO #PSA 10, 1977 Star Wars #207 (Anthony Daniels) Error Card – worth $4,999
  9. Princess Leia Organa #5 PSA 10, 1977 Star Wars Topps Series 1 – worth $4,850
  10. Grand Moff Tarkin #6 PSA 10, 1977 Star Wars Wonder Bread – worth $3,725

The top five Star Wars Collectibles

After learning the top ten most valuable Star Wars Cards, it’s time to learn what is considered the top five Star Wars collectibles. So far, here is the list of it:

  1. Miniature Episode IV – the TIE fighter worth $402,400
  2. Episode V Snowtrooper famous helmet worth $276,750
  3. Luke Skywalker’s Episode IV Lightsaber worth $240,000
  4. Chewbacca film-ready head worth $172,200
  5. The famous Jawa figure with a vinyl cape worth $16,500

The rarest five Star Wars figures in the market

In addition to all the most valuable Star Wars trading cards and collectibles, some are the rarest, namely:

  1. Kenner Star Wars Boba Fett beloved prototype worth $236,000)
  2. Bottom Line: The famous Obi-Wan Kenobi With Double-Telescoping Lightsaber worth $76,000
  3. Brazilian Glasslite Vlix Figure worth $45,000
  4. Darth Vader With Telescoping Lightsaber worth $30,000
  5. Walrus Man – Bib Fortuna worth $28,556

What are the most popular Star Wars NFT collections?

As a huge fan of Star Wars and NFTs, it’s important to know the most popular Star Wars NFT collections so far. We want to point out the worthy ones you have to be familiar with:

  1. The Disney Golden Moments Collection
  2. The Dark Side Collection
  3. The Underworlders Series 1 Collection

What is so special about Star Wars in general?

From the film’s first appearance back in 1977 until today, this saga never ceases to delight us and win the hearts of new fans. Some consider it a “Space Opera” of its kind, which, with its incredible story, scenography, and visual effects that had not been seen before, became one of the most successful and beloved franchises of all time!

Because millions of Star Wars movie fans worldwide can’t wait to own a collectible or a Star Wars card, it’s not surprising where the interest in Star Wars NFT collections and the expectation of an increase in their value come from.

Not only do certain Star Wars cards and collectibles have material value, but for all fans of this incredible saga, they also carry a certain emotional value. Nostalgia and love for these films and characters is the answer from where the huge craze for everything related to these films comes from.

How can you get started with Non-Fungible Tokens?

If you are interested in investing in Star Wars NFTs and you are an absolute beginner in all this, we have prepared a simple guide for you on how to start a successful career in the NFT world:

  1. Open a crypto wallet such as MetaMask, for example
  2. Get some Ether, a required cryptocurrency for purchasing NFTs
  3. Identify the best marketplace for NFTs you wish to start browsing. Some of the best ones are OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, and CryptoPunks.
  4. Find the particular NFT collection you wish to purchase in the chosen marketplace.

Where can you purchase the Star Wars NFTs?

Those dedicated Star Wars fans looking for the best place to buy their NFTs, particularly the official Star Wars NFTs from Disney, the best place you can do so is on the Veve App. But if they’re eager to explore some unofficial Star Wars Non-Fungible Tokens from different artists, they can explore OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, CryptoPunks, or other eligible marketplaces for NFTs.

However, being patient and researching is crucial because numerous fraudulent NFT websites and forums exist. Even those legitimate and trustworthy ones take time to explore and find the best to debate and discuss numerous NFT collections worth risking and investing in.

When investing in NFTs and cryptos nowadays, the number one priority should be to do deep research on those you wish to invest in to avoid fraud online. Safety first, and having fun and investing in various NFTs certainly follow! Good luck!

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