The OVO ICO is trending. What does it offer?

OVO is a great new platform that aims to issue various exciting non-fungible tokens. This platform originates from Japan. However, it’s available worldwide for all users interested in NFTs. The team integrated the latest, most advanced AR-NFT technology into its network. As a result, it can provide great one-stop NFT solutions for various contents. The company focuses on high-quality products, though.

Furthermore, the OVO platform will gradually integrate Issuance, Marketplace, Auction, Mystery Box, Mining, Fusion, and other features. It also plans to deliver Super Avatars in the coming months.

Nyathees is a very popular Anime character in Japan. It already boasts 5 million downloads in the LINE store, not to mention other markets. The OVO team partnered with its creators, launching Nyathees’ non-fungible tokens on the OVO platform last year. The number of NFT sales already exceeded 60,000, while transfers occurred more than 100,000 times.

While the team was satisfied with such partnerships at the beginning, it had more ambitious plans. The company wants to create its own OVO Metaverse. The team will call it MetaArtia. OVO plans to import various popular projects or content into its Metaverse. In addition, all NFT assets issued in this blockchain will have to implement their apps in MetaArtia. Thus, customers will be able to interact with their Avatars in MetaArtia.

The platform will have its own native token, as well. The team plans to launch the OVO token’s ICO sale on March 21, 2023. It will end on March 22, 2023. OVO will be an ERC20 token, and it will trade for 0.16 USD during the initial coin offering. However, the token’s price will likely increase over time. The company aims to raise $150,000 during the sale. The total supply of tokens is 240,000,000, but only 18,75% will be available for purchase at this stage.

What is OVO Super Avatar, and how does it work? 

The team announced that the platform would process the non-fungible assets issued on OVO in the near future. It will then transfer them to any metaverse platform connected to the OVO’s website. For instance, the company published Japanese “Nyathees”, a famous two-dimensional character, on the OVO platform. As a result, users can now purchase their NFT card, along with other basic functions, like NFT transactions and mining. However, this platform has one advantage, unlike some other similar ones. It also enables customers to use it in other metaverse platforms, which is a rarity.

Furthermore, the company stated that in such a case, customers would be able to use Nyathees and other IPs as their Avatars in different Metaverse. These Avatars have AI ability, which is an additional bonus. That means customers can train their avatars and teach them to understand what they want to perform. As non-fungible tokens, every Avatar will be totally unique. These ones of kind characters will bring much joy to their owners.

OVO has far-reaching goals. It aims to build an immersive creation system eventually. The latter will be based on XR (VR, AR, MR) technology. Any creator will have a chance to create unique non-fungible tokens in the virtual space built by the company. Besides, they can easily distribute their tokens to various metaverse platforms afterwards. The team plans to introduce the OVO metaverse’s preliminary form soon.


What is OVO Super Avatar, and how does it work? 

What makes this platform stand out among the others? 

OVO is a pioneer in some aspects. While the Defi projects are numerous, and it’s hard to surprise markets with a new one, this project definitely brings innovation. It employs a splendid virtual asset-right authentication scheme, as well. The latter is also called the dual copyright inspection mechanism (or DCIM for short).

According to the team, this scheme is composed of the upper-level asset management mechanism, as well as the lower-level copyright verification. The lower level involves copyright cooperation, along with an authorization agreement represented by non-fungible tokens. Meanwhile, the upper level is actually the management and issuance circulation mechanism of those assets.

The company noted that the NFT created on its platform would be based on ERC1155 and ERC721. Besides, the DCIM mechanism will have various advantages. Thanks to it, customers will be able to solve various problems related to virtual asset-right authentication. Overall, this project has strong potential. It also boasts an experienced team and a great roadmap.

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