The future – Thoughts about 2023

In the bible, the Prophet Ezekiel warned of the emergence of the four horsemen of the apocalypse (Ezekiel 38). These horsemen are traditionally understood or interpreted as representing war and conquest, famine, disease and pestilence and finally, death. And in this case, death comes with an allusion to wild animals. Well death will one day come to us all, but Ezekiel is not referring to normal death occurring at the end of someone’s life. The allusion to wild animals is both relevant and instructive, and I think he is referring to so called homo sapiens. Yes, that is us. Mankind. But what happens when men start behaving like wild animals? It’s not pretty, but perhaps it has crept on us. There have been so many wars and conflicts, and people display so much partisanship and selfishness that we have maybe become inured to it all. We think this is all normal, whereas these are actually signs of a human race out of control.

As we look forward to 2023, it is interesting to consider the future in the light of the above.

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