The French Retirement Age Crisis

As with many Western countries, the French government has been seeking to address issues such as an aging population and the financial sustainability of its retirement programs for many years. Now, President Macron has addressed the retirement issue headlong, pushing through legislation that increases the retirement age by two years to 64. The change aligns France with most other European neighbors, who have raised the retirement age to 65 or older.

The retirement age in France varies depending on the specific retirement program and the individual’s birth year. As of 2023, the minimum retirement age in France is 62 years (one of the lowest in Europe). In addition to the minimum retirement age, other factors can affect retirement eligibility and benefits. Some retirement programs may be eligible for earlier retirement based on the physical demands of their jobs, for example, police officers, firefighters, and other public safety workers at the national railway, (SNCF) employees can retire as early as 52-55 years. What does the future hold for France and the new retirement age?

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