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The Fastest-Selling PS5 is Out of Stock. How Can you Buy It?

 The PlayStation 5 is one of the most popular consoles in the world. In fact, PS5 is the fastest-selling one in U.S. history, so much so that it is hard to obtain due to the speed at it disappears from the stores.


Sony launched the PlayStation 5 in November 2020. However, even those gamers, who waited in line at midnight for their PS3 or PS4’s, are still trying to get their hands on a new PS5. They are becoming more and more frustrated in their quest, though.


None of the regular retail stores have had PlayStation 5 consoles in stock since March 21. Even though there are some occasional inventory drops at various retailers, PlayStation’s last generation remains sold out. It has two configurations: the $400 digital-only edition, which doesn’t have an optical drive, and the more expensive $500 model, which comes with Blu-ray.


However, if you are willing to pay an exorbitant price, you can get a PS5 or PS5 bundle at a reseller like StockX or eBay. Still, it may be better to wait.


In a few more months, inventory levels will likely rise, and PlayStation 5 will become available again. When that happens, you might regret paying $1,000 or more to get the console a few months earlier.


Meanwhile, you can easily monitor on the internet where the PS5 is available. Social platforms, including Twitter, are a good source of restocking rumors.


Here are several most sought-out games that the PS5 offers


The PS5 has an impressive collection of games. That’s not come as a surprise, considering its popularity. 2021 will likely be a huge year for PlayStation, with God of War and new Horizon games slated for release. However, there are other fantastic games which you can play on Sony’s newest console.


Sony launched Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales along with the console. There are also some great multiplatform games and updated PS4 games to consider.


Thus far, Hitman 3 is one of the most popular games that PS5 offers. It’s also the first big game of 2021. The hitman trilogy began with the eponymous 2016 title. While it has always been popular, Hitman 3 got a 9/10 rate GameSpot due to its excellent level design, replayability, and improved story.


Demon’s Souls also got a second life on the PlayStation 5, and lots of fans consider it the best game on the platform. It has got a 9 out of 10 from GameSpot.


Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the third most popular game the console offers. It’s an expansion to 2017’s Spider-Man.

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