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The APIS Protocol will launch API token ICO sale soon

The APIS Protocol is a decentralized write and read platform. The team specifically designed it to enable decentralized applications to function on a global scale. The network allows mainstream developers to manage complex interactions between their applications and Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum 1.0, Ethereum 2.0, optimistic and zk rollups, Helium, Solana, Filecoin, and future protocols should they garner significant adoption.

The APIS Protocol is launching the native utility token API on May 1, 2021. Investors can use the token for staking by API Nodes and Gateways, staking to resolve disputes, staking as a validator on The APIS layer-two solution network after its deployment, governing protocol upgrades, and allocations of The APIS treasury’s resources. The ICO Price is $0.7 per API.

The APIS Protocol offers various interesting features

The platform boasts many advanced tools. For instance, there are APIS Core and APIS Unified. They allow a global developer base to make writes to and reads from both public layer-one and layer-two solutions effortless.

Furthermore, APIS Stake will enable the community-owned network to become an API Node or Gateway, the servicer, and indexer of queries made by the DApps utilizing The APIS network. Besides, APIS Validate will allow the network to valid its layer-two solution once deployed. And there is also APIS Vote, so users will be able to govern both the APIS protocol and treasury.

LAST YEAR, the APIS Protocol launched its mainnet on November 24, creating 10 million API tokens at genesis. The total number of tokens will remain 100 million unless the community votes to deflate the supply via token burn programs or inflate the supply via additional incentivization programs.

The team allocated 79% of the API token supply toward the community. From this number, 43% will go to the users of the network via a usage mining program, while the Community Treasury will get 19%, and 17% will go to API Lab. The founding and the future team will get the remaining 21%.

Calvin Pak, Andrew Bakst, and Shain Lafazan founded The APIS Protocol. They share over a decade of combined Web 3.0 experience as both investors and developers.

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