The Alien Secret Society NFT – learn all the essentials

Are you familiar with the Alien Secret Society NFT that the whole community has been buzzing about lately? Do you know exactly what kind of non-fungible token it is, considering its unusual, alien and mysterious name? And why is it currently considered “the most exclusive club on earth”?

So many questions to be answered about this mysterious NFT that emerged on the market. So, what is the fuzz all about? Before all, it is clear that the NFT market has become one of the most popular in the last two years. The huge demand for authentic tokens that have the potential to sell well is getting more intense every day.

The Alien Secret Society NFT has become so popular because it is about a unique, interesting, different project on the market. We’ll give you all the essential information in the following text.

Let’s start by explaining the Alien Secret Society NFT, shall we?

Get to know the Alien Secret Society NFT is

The Alien Secret Society represents a unique collection of 9,999 Aliens where each non-fungible token provides you access to their most exclusive club on Earth. Numerous devoted Artists, Entrepreneurs, and investors are leveraging the power of networking in that club. 

Once you become an owner of your Alien, you are able to connect with all these amazing people in the exclusive club and get special privileges of the so-called A$$ club. A$$ is short for Alien Secret Society, which refers to the future of networking, entertainment, business, and investing.

alien secret society
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A$$ – Meet the Society of The Future. 

In this limited Alien Secret Society NFT collection, every NFT provides you the ACCE$$ to the most exclusive business club the Earth has ever had. As mentioned above, numerous enthusiastic investors, entrepreneurs, and artists are in this exclusive club, and they all focus on One Thing. It is The Power of Networking.

All who become owners of an Alien can connect with other owners and members of this elite club, which is one-of-a-kind for one Thing. There are other private clubs on the planet. However, to become a part of it, you are generally required to be either a royal heir, a billionaire, or a part of a wealthy family to get an exclusive ticket.

In the Alien Secret Society NFT club or just A$$, the goal is that every member gets special treatment as if he was a Fortune 500 CEO, for example. Suppose you decide to purchase one of these fantastic Alien Secret Society NFTs. In that case, you’ll get VIP entry to some of their most exclusive events on the planet and early access to the best business and crypto opportunities they can provide. 

Who are these Aliens exactly? 

Every Alien NFT, which is designed as if it was out-of-this-world, is unique and generated for more than 200 traits. However, even if each of these Aliens is greatly designed, programmatically generated from 220+ different hand-drawn traits. Some of them are more important and exotic than others. 

These special Aliens possess unique characteristics that could provide numerous privileges to all of their owners, such as tickets to exclusive events. All these NFTs are stored as ERC-21 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. 

What is the story of the Alien Secret Society?

Exactly 9,999 Aliens left their planet to find a better place to live and establish their species. After getting through 43 different worlds, these Aliens finally chose the planet Earth. This all happened after a crucial meeting that changed everything.

It was when an Alien called “A-12” was walking into the Hollywood hills and suddenly saw two men sitting on the roof of their car. They were celebrating their latest business deal. These two men approached the Alien, telling him how they’ve managed to change their lives, becoming successful entrepreneurs.

After hours of passionate conversation, they agreed to unite their forces and create the most exclusive business club the world has ever seen.

The Privileges of the Exclusive Club

Of course, all who own the Alien Secret Society Club NFT have access to the exclusive club. This is no ordinary project like the other ones. It’s a special, life-changing collection. And for those wondering what makes this club special, we have prepared all members’ key privileges.

NFT trading
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Privileges for members

  1. Investment – There will be early access opportunities to invest in the crypto industry. You’ll be a part of conferences featuring the best projects and get a chance to invest. Also, you’ll be able to participate in the famous A$$ Investment Round, and you can get financial help for your project.
  2. Networking – You are able to connect with everyone in the club. There will be networking events in every big city, and you’ll get to meet important people.
  3. Luxury Concierge – The Club offers its members the desired things, such as luxury watches, private parties, football tickets, and more!
  4. Aliens Platform – Each owner gets access to the Alien Platform, where he can connect with anyone and have exclusive access to various art auctions, song releases, early investment possibilities, and much more. 
  5. Entertainment – Some of these Aliens reward their owners with specific prices such as VIP ACE$$ to exclusive fashion, sports, art, music events, etc. 
  6. AlienCON – Members also access AlienCON, a global gathering of Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and A-List artists on this planet.
  7. Business and Money Making – The Alien Secret Society NFT community will get many redistributed royalties.

Meet the team behind the Alien Secret Society

If you were wondering who all the members of the team that created these authentic non-fungible tokens are, now you will get to know them all well:

  • Leon “Starino” Anderson – He’s a British Born Entrepreneur, a go-to celebrity man with a top-notch network across different fields. He’s experienced in PR, movie production, marketing, textiles management, and Night Club Ownership.
  • Younes Bendjima – He’s a French Born Entrepreneur, owner of multiple businesses in LA and France, and International Male Top Model for various luxury brands.
  • Alexandre Perez – He’s a French Born Entrepreneur, a passionate marketer who helped many brands earn from zero to 7-8 figures money. He’s a rewarded marketing strategist specializing in NFT projects and has been a devoted crypto investor since 2015.
  • Nathan – He’s a French Born Entrepreneur. He has generated more than nine figures for his clients before. Also, he’s been an owner of his marketing agency that generated over eight figures.
  • Cesar – He’s a French Born Entrepreneur, an Idea Machine, NFT, and Decentralized Finance Expert.
  • Romain – He’s a French Born Entrepreneur, business advisor, and consultant who has managed to help various companies to develop and earn over eight figures.
source: twitter.com/aliensecretsoc

The Alien Secret Society OpenSea Statistics

  • Items: 10k
  • Owners: 5.4k
  • Total Volume: 1.7k
  • Floor Price: 0.02 ETH
  • Official Website: aliensociety.com 

How to mint Alien Secret Society NFT?

To mint Secret Alien Society NFT, it is necessary to have your MetaMask wallet connected to OpenSea. Remember that Aliens are minted on the Ethereum Blockchain, so you’ll need to buy ETH first to get yourself Alien Secret Society NFT.

To view your Alien Secret Society NFT, it’s only necessary to log in to your OpenSea account.

Buying NFTs on OpenSea

If you’re interested in buying NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace, you need to:

  1. Open the marketplace
  2. Find your desired NFT in the “Search” button
  3. Press the “Buy” button
  4. Agree to all the terms and conditions
  5. Click “Checkout” 

The Pre-Sale and Public Sale of A$$

The pre-sale of A$$ NFTs was on November 30, 2021, for all the allowed members. There was a maximum of 2 NFTs per whitelisted member, while only 3000 NFTs were available in this sale. The public sale happened on December 1, 2021, using the dutch auction system. 

The Alien Secret Society Roadmap

  1. First, Whitelisted People receive the merch
  2. The Luxury Concierge Store opening
  3. The amount of $30,000 is available for financing the community creation
  4. Club Meeting Conference
  5. The rewarded NFT allocates half of the reward
  6. Some of the first investments in the community projects
  7. All 3+ month holders receive a money reward
  8. Platform is created
  9. The whole post-mint roadmap is activated.

Why invest in NFTs – get the main answer.

Now that you are familiar with another valuable collection, such as the Alien Secret Society NFT, it’s time to understand why investing in non-fungible tokens is best finally. In addition to the fact that there are passionate fans who want to support their favorite artists by purchasing certain NFTs, their biggest reason and benefit is the possibility of reselling them.

If you make smart investments and choose the right NFTs you want to buy, you have a great chance to profit from those NFTs. It is estimated that the value of non-fungible tokens will grow significantly in the coming years. 

Even though NFTs are considered a risky investment, according to numerous studies and experts, the initial NFT and Metaverse investors will receive huge returns between 2025-2030. However, the crucial Thing is that investors should choose wisely which NFTs they will invest in. Not every NFT will remain valuable. Good luck!

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