TETRIX token and HPW are trending. Why’s that?


TETRIX Token is one of the highest-ranking ICOs on the market. TRON network introduced this coin in April 2022. Its sale will end in December 2022, though. The TRON platform provides various great assets, but the majority are not viable on daily basis usage as they have very high volatility.   

TETRIX token or XTR by ticker is a relatively new currency. The platform generates it through decentralized smart contracts on the Binance Network and TRON network. However, the team plans to move the XTR tokens to its own blockchain network. The company calls the latter Tetrixtoken Smart Chain, or TSC for short.

The total supply of XRT is 880.000.000. The token price is 0.04 USD per XRT during the initial coin offering. However, its value will likely increase significantly after the ICO ends. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, TRX, BNB, BCH, USDT, XLM, USDC, WAVES, XRP, and TRX in exchange for its native tokens.

Blockchain technology has become popular very fast in a short amount of time. But that is the characteristic of our era – everything is evolving rapidly. New technologies pop up with astounding speed. Many investors believe that the future belongs to decentralized space and digital currencies, especially cryptos.

The number of Defi users is rising daily, but the blockchain is still far from mass adoption. To achieve that point, it must offer customers a seamless user experience. dApps have great potential, but someone needs to go ahead and help realize it. TETRIX aims to do that. It will incorporate Web 3.0 on the TRON and Binance networks with its revolutionary dApp experiences.


What are the TETRIX project’s other benefits? 

Furthermore, the company offers low transaction costs while allowing XTR to facilitate blockchain technology’s widespread adoption through consumer use cases. According to the team, XTR Box will become the first blockchain app launched on TRON and Binance. This application has the potential to become the leading platform on the market in terms of user numbers and transaction volume.

XTR provides superior products compared to many competitors. Besides, the firm is committed to the community. As a result, it managed to maintain its high position in the market despite high competition. It is one of the best blockchain Software development projects out there.

Moreover, it has a vast library of apps on the blockchain. The team has already added live operations, social features, and events to the user experience. The platform plans to bring profit to its community through various events. TETRIX token holders will enjoy various benefits and gain additional income.

The company works hard to sustain XTR box’s growth. It has also decided to officially raise funds for the XTR box from Tetrixtoken.com. The team hopes that XTR Box will become blockchain’s premier development platform. It will enable customers to socialize, trade, and stake tokens across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

On top of that, the XTR token will become the core asset of this new platform. The company offers innovative token economy design, along with mining and other incentive mechanisms. Through these features, developers will be able to build the best apps. Meanwhile, token holders will have an opportunity to become platform stakeholders and earn money in the process.


What about the HPW token?


What are the TRON blockchain’s advantages?

TETRIX plans to leverage the TRON blockchain. The latter has the ambition to establish a truly decentralized internet. Furthermore, it aims to become the best dApps development platform across all chains. The TETRIX team thinks that the TRON protocol has managed to realize its goal by becoming one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems worldwide. The company wants to use TRON’s high throughput and scalability to its advantage. Thanks to this blockchain, XTR will provide the best user experience possible for its community.

The company will also utilize the TRON network’s 3-second block time and 2000 TPS capacity. As a result, it will be able to provide instantaneous software play, as well as reliable service. TETRIX has developed its scaling solutions, implementing them in software. Such optimizations have brought XTR’s software play to the forefront of its industry standards. However, there is still a place for growth. The team aims to improve the platform’s usability and decentralization.

In addition, the company is committed to free transaction costs. Users will be able to stake a small amount of TRX without paying extra to the company. Instead, the TETRIX platform will help customers cover some of the transaction costs. The team will also integrate its scaling solution with its new software to eliminate transaction costs.

Both developers and community members will benefit from this platform. XTR offers a set of advanced tools. Thus, the developers will have a chance to focus on creating premium software while TETRIX takes care of the rest. However, the developer will have to pay a small percentage of their operating income in exchange for the platform’s services.

Meanwhile, the XTR community will profit as a whole as they join the platform. The more customers use this software, the more tokens they will be able to mine. The company will also reward loyal users.


What about the HPW token?

HPW continues rallying. Also known as Mega Token, it belongs to the HPW platform. The company launched its ICO sale on April 1, 2021. However, it will end on December 31, 2022. 1 HPW is trading for 7 USD currently. The total supply of tokens is 100000000. According to the team, 80% will be available during the sale, while 20% will go to maintenance and system costs. The platform accepts BNB and BUSD in exchange for Mega tokens.

The HPW platform aims to provide people with equal access to the Defi space, along with greater profitability and less partiality. The company also offers tokenizing crypto-mining farms’ electrical and mining capacity.

According to the team, each coin will equate to 1 watt of low-cost electricity from crypto mining farms’ capacity. Moreover, the HPW token will be available to all users worldwide, regardless of age, location, or gender. The platform will enable people to use the mining technology by tokenizing the power of full watt. Besides, the company will use cheap and renewable electricity. Thus, it will enable users to earn significant profits from mining.

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