Tesla’s Battery Day: Tabless Batteries, Cathode Plant 

Ever since the date of Tesla’s Battery Day became known to the public’s knowledge, the company frequently topped technology news as the event neared.

Together Elon Musk and the company’s Chief of Powertrain and Engineering Drew Baglino did not disappoint.

The technology firm unveils plans towards self-sufficiency through venturing on battery production. Tesla will make its batteries at “tabless” to produce units nearly at the same price point as gasoline-powered cars.

According to research, tabs on batteries add to cost and reduce efficiency for energy transfer. The tabless batteries will increase Tesla cars’ reliability. The modern technology method will both increase range up to 16% from current figures and power up to six times.

Reports disclosed that the firm had thought about the adoption of the initiative for a long time. In June, Musk said that the tabs on batteries add up to the cost and pose manufacturing challenges during production.

At present, Tesla Motors still sources batteries from Panasonic and LG. During the early onset of speculations on the firm’s advance towards self-production, the Japanese technology firm quickly dismissed “rumors.”

It said that its partnership with the Musk-owned firm is going alright as usual.

For the record, the partners encountered blockade in 2018 after a battery production delay. This led to the slowed production of the Model S and Model Y units.

Due to the constraints as such often encountered, the industry frontrunner decided to step up its operations by making its homegrown batteries. This will be a replacement for outsourced units to hurdle both unprecedented disruptions and higher overhead costs.


Tesla’s Populist Appeal

The chief executive also asserted that Tesla would strive to make a more budget-friendly car in the $25,000 price threshold.

This is the company’s “populist” appeal as it considers to position itself in the “affordable” price point for the enjoyment of a more significant portion of the population.

Another good news announced on the battery day is the opening of a new cathode plant, which will be used to produce batteries for the North American market.

Tesla highlights its desire to reduce supply chain costs and make cathodes 76% cheaper and zero-waste.

The move will streamline the overall production process as the company needs not to rely on different actors of the supply chain to produce parts, thereby reducing cost.

The date of the plant’s opening was not made available to the public.

In relation to zero waste vision, the modern technology company also eyes to eliminate cobalt cathodes. The metal adds high cost to the unit along with issues on cobalt mining conditions over allegations of human rights violations.

In its long-term prospects, the technology juggernaut plans to produce up to 20 million vehicles annually.

This figure is twice as much as Volkswagen AG sold a year prior, which is considered the world’s bestselling individual auto firm for 2019.

Should this happen according to plan, this could potentially make the EV maker the world’s largest automaker.

Based on current movements, Tesla projects that it could reach cost reduction targets in the next three years.

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