Teslafan listed among hot ICO tokens. Why’s that?

We use electricity daily and with such amounts, that the energy sector became somewhat overwhelmed. However, consuming electricity is relatively safe for the planet compared to oil, for instance. So much so, that some companies are working to develop electro-vehicles for broad use, Tesla being the major one among them.

Teslafan platform offers lots of industrial solutions, but the major one is the invitation of AI technologies and Blockchain into the renewable energy landscape.

This platform enables users to donate with digital currency – TESLF token, to non-profits and various renewable energy charities. Furthermore, it offers two services in terms of artificial intelligence: stock price comparison and sentiment analysis.

Teslafan uses the text mining methodology to provides its customers with sentiment analysis of what people think about particular renewable energy products and brands, as well as how the various brands are perceived in social media. Besides, Teslafan’s stock price comparison service enables customers to find the best exchange to trade renewable energy companies’ stocks at the most favorable price.

What about the TESLF token?

TESLF tokens became listed among the hottest ICOs. Users need these tokens for every single transaction within the Teslafan network. TESLF essentially acts as the medium of exchange. It allows platform customers to exchange tokens for AI solutions and other services within the platform. The ICO trade has already begun.

Teslafan acts as a totally decentralized ecosystem. It has become one of the leading blockchain-powered platforms to pave the way for investors and traders to collaborate on promising AI projects by using blockchain.

The platform has a strong focus on sustainable energy, as well as artificial intelligence solutions. It aims to become a key protocol by bringing together developers and innovators. It also aims to collaborate with data scientists with core expertise in applied machine learning. The team plans to connect them with investors who contribute to the realization of such ideas by financing them.

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