quora Tesla Somewhat Disconnected Autopilot From A User's Car

Tesla Somewhat Disconnected Autopilot From A User’s Car

Recently, Tesla Inc. remotely eliminated autopilot features from a customer’s car.

According to a piece of technology news, the removal was without their knowledge. It is for the reason that the automaker has judged that the user had not compensated for them.

In a statement, Jalopnik, a customer, which it called Alec, has purchased a used 2017 Tesla Model S car. The acquisition was from a third-party dealer on December 20 last year.

On November 15 last year, the dealer has bought the car directly from Tesla through an auction.

Moreover, the documents examined by Jalopnik revealed that the dealer has paid for “Enhanced Autopilot” along with “Full Self Driving Capability” features.

The features were worth $8000 when he acquired the car.

Alec was under the notion that the cars had these features when he purchased them. It was because they were advertising as such by the dealer.

After he noticed the features unaccounted for, he contacted Tesla’s customer support.

On November 18 the previous year, Tesla has informed him that the functions were eliminated.

Jalopnik reported that the removal was after an internal audit. It was the firm’s process and found “the customer did not purchase the software.”

On further contact, Tesla advised Alec that the firm has “identified instances of customers being incorrect for Autopilot versions that they did not pay for.”

Tesla Express Regret Misunderstanding

Tesla Model S photo.To add, “Since there was an audit done to prove these instances. Your vehicle is one of the vehicles that was wrongly configured for Autopilot,” Tesla customer support told Alec, according to Jalopnik.

Lastly, “We apologize for the confusion. If you are interested in having those additional features, we can begin the process to purchase the upgrade,” Tesla said.

The driving support features in Tesla are a one-time purchase. They are not based on a subscription model.

Moreover, the features are not on revival. It is because it’s a Tesla vehicle on resold.

According to a local news report, Tesla is taking a unilateral pronouncement. It is to roll-back a feature from a car that it no longer holds sets a bad precedent.

In a note, Jalopnik indicated that if an automaker had a physical feature from a car eliminated in such a manner, it might even have amounted to “theft.”

Tesla has thus far used over-the-air software enhancements.

The development was to roll out new features, and not take back crucial elements that it judged the users not to have compensated for.

Elsewhere, Tesla’s stock closed 1.94% above average at $748.96 last Thursday.

On the flip side, the shares traded 1.06% at a low level at $741 in the after-hours market.

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