TecraCoin is rallying. What does the Tecra platform offer? 

DeFi space is attracting more and more creators and investors every day. Various teams are offering interesting and exciting products, and Tecra is one of them. The fact that its token remains in the spotlight for some time now clearly indicates that this platform has something valuable to offer.

When it first appeared in the DeFi, Tecra presented a new product – Tecra Space. It is an online funding platform focused on prospective high-tech projects. The platform’s objective is to connect creators with investors and, as a result, tokenize intellectual property. The company invites visionary people on board to fight the problems that exist currently on the field together.

Tecra is oriented on the different groups with varying interests, but it aspires to provides all sides with satisfying results. Its solution has a significant impact on the ecosystem. It focuses on those projects that are environment-friendly or oscillating around sustainable development. Thus far, the company has supported inventions based on graphene, thus reducing harmful light effects for humanity and electric bicycles.

Tecra launched its native token TCR to use as the key of its blockchain ecosystem: TecraCoin, NFT, TecraCoin Smart Deposit, Tecra Space tokenization platform (crowdfunding) with Space Token, and future Tecra DEX.

What advantages are the TCR token holders eligible for?

TCR enables Tecra’s community to support the creators in a safe way due to the possibility of verification and transparency. Every transaction conducted on the platform has a timestamp concurrency control.

Thanks to using its own cryptocurrency, the platform can give every user access to a detailed outline of how the money they invested is being spent. Among the wide range of benefits is the speed of the transaction and relatively low transaction costs compared to other proof-of-work cryptocurrencies.

Customers can also use the crypto to exchange the project’s tokens on the platform. TCR token creates value for earlier and new investors, providing more and more opportunities to use digital coins as a provider for the investment opportunities in high-tech or other lucrative investments.


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