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Technology News: YouTube Takes Out Alex Jones Videos – Infowars

On Wednesday, YouTube has taken out Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, videos according to his Infowars website. This was after Jones’s usage of his YouTube channel in criticizing the immigration of Muslims to Europe. Further, he also condemned the transgender cartoon’s makers.

In his social media, Jones said that YouTube removed four of his Infowars videos that were critical of liberalism. Moreover, he also advised people to watch the said vides on his website.

Meanwhile, a Google’ YouTube spokesperson refused to comment on Jones’s videos. However, he expressed a statement in general.

“We have longstanding policies against child endangerment and hate speech. We apply our policies consistently according to the content in the videos, regardless of the speaker or the channel,” he said in a statement.

FinanceBrokerage - Technology News GrubHub jumps shares on the increasing demand of customer online ordering
GrubHub lifted shares as customer online ordering increases demand

Some of the Jones’ videos posted on his website include a clip of a man pushing a child to the ground. According to Infowars website, YouTube banned Jones channel to broadcast live on the platform for 90 days. This was because of a “community strike.”

As stated in YouTube’s policy, Jones channel with more than 2.4 million subscribers is a candidate for termination. This is unless if there will be another two community strikes within three months.

One of the removed Jones videos was the one when he condemned the “Drag Tops” with animated drag queen characters. In the video, Jones made a comparison on the creators of the series to the Satanists. Further, he criticized the series’ charm on children and warned about divine judgment.

The other two of his removed videos was about Jones’ suggestion on the gaining dominance of Muslims, who are Europe immigrants, on the countries control.

Jones founded Infowars in 1999 and since then, he built a vast network of the audience. Dated back on Sept. 11, 2011, he suggested that the government staged the attacks on New York and Washington.

Technology News: GrubHub jumps shares on the increasing demand for its customer online ordering

TECHNOLOGY NEWS – GrubHub attracted more customers with its online food delivery platform. This helped to surpass the expectations of Wall Street for quarterly profit and sales. Further, this forecasts an outstanding growth in revenue in the present quarter.

The shares of GrubHub increased to 26% to a $137.89 record high. This also added more than $2 billion to its market capitalization.

GrubHub’s active diner went to a 70% high to 15.58 million in the second quarter. According to FactSet, this surpassed the analysts’ average estimate of 15.54 million diners.

Moreover, the company said that it will purchase LevelUp, a mobile ordering and payments platform, for $390 million. This is to provide restaurants clients such as KFC, Taco Bell, and Roti, more systematic tools.

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