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Technews: Facebook Bans Misinformation on Voting 

  • In an attempt to reduce voter manipulation, Facebook has started to ban false information regarding vote methods ahead of the US elections.
  • However, Facebook will not remove all the majority of untruthful posts about candidates or other election issues.
  • Facebook has mandated British advertisers to provide details concerning their political advertisers.

TECHNEWS – To reduce voter manipulation on its service, Facebook plans to ban misinformation about voting requirements, the company executives told Reuters. Moreover, the world’s largest online social network will conduct fact-check fake reports regarding violence or long lines at polling stations ahead of the US midterm elections which will be held in November.

With its 1.5 billion active users, Facebook has ended short of banning all false or misleading posts which are circulating on its services. This was something that Facebook has feared because this event could be expected of increasing its expenses and leave it open to charges of censorship.

This latest move has signified a sensitive area for Facebook following its lax approach to fake news and misleading campaigns which were many believed that impacted the US presidential elections on 2016.

FinanceBrokerage – Technews: Facebook has required advertisers to provide details on British political advertisements.
British advertisers are now mandated to disclose information about their political advertisements.

Nathaniel Gleicher, the cybersecurity policy chief of Facebook, along with other company executives had disclosed the new policy.

On Monday, the ban on misinformation about voting methods was set to be announced six weeks after the inquiry of Senator Ron Wyden to Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg as to how the company will handle posts that could suppress votes in a form of misleading information voting methods such as instructing users to vote by text.

Wrong information on voting methods was included as one of the few areas that Facebook prohibits on its policy. The social media network company calls this policy as “community standards” moderators despite the uneven application of its standards. Facebook will not ban the majority of untruthful posts about candidates or other election issues.

“We don’t believe we should remove things from Facebook that are shared by authentic people if they don’t violate those community standards, even if they are false,” said Product Manager Tessa Lyons for Facebook’s News Feed Feature.

Technews: Facebook discloses information on payments for UK political adverts

On Tuesday, Facebook said that it would mandate British political advertisements to place disclaimer and identity flags. This move is based on the attempt of the company to end the spread of misinformation on its platform.

Facebook was one of the tech firms that the British parliament has made liable for the dissemination of false political information which targets citizens through data manipulation. This followed after the vote of Britain in leaving the European Union in 2016.

Advertisers are now required to provide the evidence of their identity, location, and identity of the people behind the payment of the advertisements, the company said.

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