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Appreciate Coin

Appreciate Coin ended on the HOT ICO lists recently. APPR is built on Binance Smart Chain, and its total supply consists of 2,200,000 tokens. However, only 1,000,000 tokens will be available during the public sale. The team locked and vested 1,200,000 tokens for further project development to ensure long term success.

During the Presale, APPR is trading for 0.0025 BNB. However, the price will be 0.0028 BNB per APPR in the ICO sale. Users can share APPR as a token of their appreciation (pun intended) in blogs and forums, as well as open-source or other social media communities.

This token will enable content creators to monetize their assets by being paid in digital currencies. In addition, the Appreciate Coin’s upcoming ecosystem will offer uses a mobile app and technical integrations into WordPress, along with other similar software. That will make using APPR quick and easy.