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SwissBorg Launched the Next Big Thing in the Crypto Market

After two very long years in the making, the team of SwissBorg finally launched its cryptocurrency management application. The application’s name is the SwissBorg Wealth App and the company’s engineers and financial advisors developed it.

According to reports, the platform is challenging the status quo in the digital coin market and online investing. The company aims to earn the trust of new investors while making digital investing easier, more accessible, and more secure.

SwissBorg is one of the most trusted digital coins in the market. Investors with various backgrounds prefer the SwissBorg Coin because of its versatility and inclusivity.

It’s reported that the investment platform has little limitations and has good traditional wealth management.

Some of the features include the SwissBorg Smart Engine which connects the platform to different digital coin exchanges. A SwissBorg review says that it connects to Kraken, Binance, LMAX exchanges, and HitBTC.

Aside from that, the SwissBorg Wealth Application reportedly has institutional grade security to protect its clients’ assets and transactions.

Earlier this year, the application launched earlier amidst the growing demand for digital money thanks to the pandemic. Back in December 2019, the Swiss-based platform’s plan has already made it into headlines.

The application is available on both iOS and Android devices, making it accessible and user friendly to many investors. Users are able to sell, buy, and even exchange their digital assets with fiat currencies.

Late last year, SwissBorg CEO Cyrus Faizel said that it has been the goal of the company since day one.

According to Faizel, he and his team have witnessed the elite and the unfairness in the traditional world of finance and banking. Adding that this was their motivation for the SwissBorg Wealth App.

What is the CHSB?

SwissBorg, SwissBorg Launched the Next Big Thing in the Crypto Market

CHSB is the official name of the SwissBorg Coin. The company was founded and established in 2017. The company became one of the most highly discussed in the cryptocurrency market.

The platform had its initial coin offering, or otherwise known as ICO, back in 2017-18. Cyrus Faizel’s company reportedly raised around 50 million US dollars.

Aside from the new SwissBorg Wealth App, the Swiss-based company launched its SwissBorg Community App back in March 2019. And in the same year, it had its pre-launch of the aforementioned Wealth App.

Back in 2018, the platform ran as one of the first decentralized referendums on the Ethereum blockchain. This allowed its community to vote on the platform’s projects.

The company said that holders of the digital asset get to enjoy various features such as participating in projects. One of its main projects is the Protect and Burn process which allows investors to earn rewards for their role and contribution to its ecosystem.

The CHSB Protect and Burn Program became acquainted with the community with hopes to buy-back and burn CHSB in bearish markets. The project ensures the long-term prospects for investors through giving incentives the longer they hold on to the token.

This is an impressive service from the company as it prevents short-term price trends from speculators. These are those who make faux supply pressure on SwissBorg Coins by hoarding them.

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