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Stocks That Can Potentially Flourish

The global pandemic has, without any doubt, had a significant impact on how stocks performed. A vaccine seems to be a distant dream, one we’ll have to wait at least a year for if estimations are correct. As far as investing goes, however, that might not necessarily be bad news. Some experts actually believe the opposite, that specific predictions are more precise, and that certain markets promise stability, making them safe additions to your portfolio.

Many analysts believe that the near future may be a mirror of the current situation. With no end of the pandemic in sight, companies that provide “indoor” products or services should continue to thrive. But what falls under that category?

Well, starting from the most basic and logical category, at-home food stocks should be a certain investment. Firms such as Campbell Soup (CPB), B&G Foods (BGS), should be steadily growing over time. But that’s not all, as restaurants that have quickly adapted also look quite promising. Among those are Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG), and Sysco (SYY).

Moving away from essentials like food, clothing brands that focus on producing comfortable apparel seem to also be on the winning path. If you’re looking for specific companies to invest in, you can go for sportswear manufacturers like Nike (NKE), or function-over-form clothing such as Crocs (CROX). People also seem to be paying more attention to the state of their home now that they’re staying inside. That benefits retailers who focus on home and backyard products, such as Yeti Holdings (YETI) or Lowe’s (LOW).

But what if, by some miracle, we do get a vaccine? Then we should swiftly turn to companies that provide “going out” services. Although the situation is unlikely, we’ll give you a short run-down, and you can fill in the blanks. Cosmetic companies, such as Ultra Beauty (ULTRA), should rise as people tend to use their products more when they’re out and about. You can also expect fitness-related businesses, like Planet Fitness (PLNT), to rise. Other than that, firms closely related to tourism, as well as restaurants, are likely to have a good run.

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