Is STEPN a Scam or Is It a Legit App?

What do you think about STEPN? It is a move-to-earn app that was created in 2021. What’s interesting, STEPN gained popularity in a short period of time. In order to understand whether STEPN is a scam or not, we need to learn more about STEPN.

First of all, it is hard to deny the fact that STEPN is popular. It is worth noting that it is basically a play-to-earn crypto game.

One important question is, “How do you earn on the game mentioned above?”

You or any other user has the opportunity to earn money. Notably, the above-mentioned play-to-earn crypto game makes it possible for you to earn money by allowing you to earn their in-game currency. Its in-game currency is the GST token. What do you need to do in order to make money?

One option is to move from point A to point B. Apart from walking, there are other options as well. To make a long story short, you need to walk or exercise in order to earn its currency.

It is possible to exchange its currency for actual cash. Unsurprisingly, there are other options as well. For example, you can invest the money into STEPN.

What you need to know about STEPN

The first step is to download the app and turn on the app mentioned earlier. The problem is that you need an activation code. However, it is quite difficult to get the code. It is hard to say why the creators of the STEPN app made the decision to create such a system.

One explanation is that the creators of the STEPN app wanted to control the number of users.

As a result, it is quite difficult to get an activation code. Without a doubt, the above-mentioned problem is one of the biggest challenges potential users have to cope with in order to use the STEPN app. However, it is possible to get the code.

One option is to contact a person who already uses the app. Why should you contact your friend? Because your friend has the ability to invite you.

Let’s assume you start using the STEPN app. In that case, you will also be able to generate an invitation code.

Another option to get an invitation code is to join its Telegram channel. You need to find its Telegram channel called STEPN Diamond channel. Interestingly, they drop numerous activation codes at the same time every day. So, you need to monitor its Telegram channel in order to miss a chance to get an activation code.

Do you want to monitor the price of STEPN? It is quite easy to check the price of its in-game currency. All you need to do is type “STEPN price” or “STEPN token.” Are you interested to learn more about its trading volume or circulating supply? All you have to do in order to check its trading volume is open Google Search and type “STEPN trading volume.”

Source: blog.cryptostars.is

Users and technical aspects

As a reminder, before you can start running and earning, you will have to become an owner of a STEPN NFT sneaker. As you already know, you need to get an activation code.

What’s next? The next step is to create your wallet and fund your wallet with Solana.

Once you sign up, you have two options:

The first option is to create a new Solana wallet within the above-mentioned app. The second option is to connect your existing Solana wallet.

Apart from the Solana wallet, users have another in-game spending wallet. You need to remember that the Solana wallet is an on-chain wallet.

Let’s assume you want to buy something within the above–mentioned game. The first step is to transfer funds from your Solana wallet to your in-game wallet.

STEPN NFT sneaker and its role

Do you know what the purpose of the STEPN NFT sneaker is? Let’s find out!

The game is based on the Solana blockchain. So what? In order to start earning, you must become an owner of a STEPN NFT sneaker.

So, you must own at least one STEPN NFT sneaker. At the moment, there are several types of sneakers. You have the opportunity to pick from: a walker, jogger, runner as well as trainer.

It is noteworthy that if you plan to own only one type of STEPN NFT sneaker, as the vast majority of users do, be careful which one it is. Why?

It is desirable to remember that each STEPN NFT sneaker operates at its own speed range. So, if you would like the STEPN app to work correctly, you need to walk within the right speed range for your STEPN NFT sneaker.

How are you supposed to choose from various types of sneakers? There is no universal solution. However, the best option is to select a shoe based on your lifestyle. For example, if you walk every day, feel free to choose a walker’s shoe.

You need to remember that each shoe has its stats as well as energy levels. It is vital to visit its website in order to learn more about each shoe’s capabilities.

In order to keep on earning, you need to repair each shoe after exercise. Importantly, you will be charged a certain amount of GST, its in-game currency, depending on how much you have utilized the STEPN NFT sneaker.

STEPN and legal aspects

Source: techcrunch.com

The title of the article is STEPN a scam, or is it a legit app? Let’s find out!

First of all, is STEPN a Ponzi scheme? No, it isn’t a Ponzi scheme. However, it is a pyramid scheme.

As you already know, the above-mentioned game is quite popular. However, you need to understand that the app isn’t sustainable in the long run. The above-mentioned game is unsustainable, as the only way you don’t lose all your money is if new investors continue buying the shoes. The above-mentioned app only makes money by selling NFT sneakers to new users.

It is hard to say for how long the app will continue to work. The future of the crypto game mentioned above is vague. Not many can afford to buy a $1000 NFT sneaker.

It is possible to make money from the app mentioned above as long as the interest in the app remains high. However, for how long? Nobody knows. We need to mention that the app is losing popularity.

If someone asks you, “Is STEPN a scam?” Feel free to say yes. It is a scam that relies on the investments of new investors, which is literally the definition of a pyramid scheme. To cut a long story short, it won’t survive without the money investors pay for NFT sneakers.

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