Staika is trending currently. What about its ICO (STIK)?

Staika is a new, interesting project which offers a promising ICO. It aims to introduce a platform that will offer customers integrated digital asset management. The team wants to use the advantages of the Defi world and enable its users to profit. Since Bitcoin’s first appearance, the crypto industry has grown exponentially. It has already brought millions to some of the pioneers. However, it is still evolving, and there is so much potential here. Staika isn’t the only one to appreciate it. Numerous new projects try to find their niche in the Defi space. But not all of them are successful.

Still, current economic conditions offer much leeway to gain. Market liquidity is abundant, and blockchain ecosystems are flourishing. Moreover, stablecoins offer investors to achieve long-term growth in the digital asset market. All of that means that there are many ways and possibilities to profit by becoming part of this relatively new industry. Staika aims to do just that.  

In the post-Covid-19 pandemic world, even more, people started buying virtual assets. In addition, various governments and central banks eased monetary policies while simultaneously implementing expansionary fiscal policies. They are trying to bolster their economies after the pandemic sent them into recession. Besides, while most countries were wary of cryptocurrencies, some of them now embrace them. They see cryptos as a way to support economic growth.

Furthermore, more and more companies use blockchain ecosystems in various fields. They depend on smart contracts for their security. Thus, many analysts and economists agree that decentralization is the future of the financial world. Still, there are some problems that plague this industry. It’s still new, and there’s much to develop. Creators need to overcome some obstacles to offer their customers quality products and services.

What does the company plan? 

This project aims to provide an innovative platform to its customers. Staika will enable people to manage their digital assets easily in one space. Thanks to this project, users will have an opportunity to safely and conveniently manage various tokenized assets.

Moreover, the company will create a transparent trading environment. It wants to implement a simple payment process, as well. Unlike other similar platforms, Staika has very low fees, which is another advantage. The team also noted that it would eventually expand Move-To-Earn services. The company will create an app to make such services available to its customers. The latter will also receive great rewards while improving their health and living an active lifestyle.

Staika wants to encourage and incentivize people to move more. After all, we spend so much time with our computers or TVs. However, it will also develop Play-To-Earn services. The latter will include various great games, and players can earn rewards while playing. The team will contribute to environmental protection, as well.

According to Staika, the platform will have its own native utility token – STIK. The Staika ICO sale will start on March 14 and will end on March 15, 2023. Staika utility token is an ERC20 coin, and it’s quite trending on various ICO listing platforms currently.

The token’s price will be 0.25 USD during the initial coin offering, but only 12% of the total supply will be available for purchase. The company aims to raise $50,000 with the sale. There are 250,000,000 STIK tokens overall.

What about the Staika Wallet? 

The company will create Staika Wallet. Users can add their tokens there. It will be secure and trustworthy. The team stated that wallet would be, in fact, one of the main services of this project.

Customers can easily check the balance of their tokens. Moreover, they can add their NFTs to it, but only if they obtain these non-fungible tokens from M2E and P2E. Players will be able to swap STIK for other ones in the Staika Wallet, as well.

The team wants to create a trusted blockchain platform that will offer people useful and needed services. It will continue the project’s development in the future, adding more services and games. Its multi-listing crypto wallet will be both convenient and secure, while P2E and M2E models will attract a wide range of players. Overall, this project has strong potential as it is well-diversified and has various incentivization schemes in place. The company will offer rewards to its users. That’s a good way to earn money. Thus, its community will likely grow substantially over time.

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