Spillionaire Coin is trending. What about the ECOMM token?


Spillionaire protocol stands out among other high-yielding protocols. It offers real-world utility, which means its customers can easily use their gained funds for shopping or paying bills. The company offers advantageous services along with various rewards. It also has a good security system and protects its users from fraud and accidental transfers. Besides, this platform doesn’t have any exorbitant fees that you have to pay monthly.

Spillionaire’s APY isn’t the highest on the market, but the company still offers one of the highest returns even with crypto standards. The team aims to provide stability and consistency. As the crypto world is very volatile, many companies are unable to offer their clients the latter. However, Spillionaire is determined to be always one step ahead of its competitors. Its team has created a multi-level earning platform. It also allows token holders governance, as well as a high ROI. Users can achieve all this by simply buying SC.

SC is the native utility token of the platform, and it offers many other benefits to its holders. For instance, its owners will get automated liquidity additions, along with automatic rewards. They can burn tokens and still get those rewards thanks to SC’s smart functions.

The Spillionaire platform has great liquidity, and its multi-backing system contributes to the team’s efforts to maintain and build value. The company based this project on the BSC network. As a result, the customers will have to pay super low gas fees. According to the team, the total supply of the tokens is 5,124,764,693.67. Spillionaire initially created it to act as only a governance token. However, the team will add other utilities over time.


What does this token offer to its holders? 

Customers acquiring SC will be able to earn money by simply holding the tokens. The platform will provide them with a consistently high ROI, as well, but with a stable rate. The company wanted SC’s utilities to contribute to its adoption rate. Thus, it gamified each concept to create opportunities and attract the attention of possibly millions of users. Thanks to such an approach, every part of the project is not only rewarding but also entertaining.

Spillionaire also has its own Treasury. The team noted that it is vital to the protocol. Treasury provides an adequate backing system to support the network’s growth and sustainability. In the crypto world, the token’s price can skyrocket or drop in a matter of hours or even minutes. Considering that risk, the company decided to make the Treasury a secondary layer of protection. It will sustain the economy if the SC token price lowers dramatically.

Moreover, the team has solutions to reestablish the SC value. It will manage that through the token’s primary uses. The company will fund new SPILL products and continue the development of the platform and services. It will also strategically reinvest in voted projects. The latter will bring more profit to the Spillionaire community. The most important fact is that Treasury will continuously acquire additional value.  

Spillionaire launched the token’s two-day-long pre-sale on July 5, 2022. Its ICO sale started in February 2022, though, and it will end on September 27, 2022. The token is currently trading for 100 USD per SC. But the team believes that the price will increase over time.

Furthermore, the company claims $SC to be an entirely new kind of rebase token. It will build intrinsic value within the Spillionaire platform, along with rewarding token holders. While it’s masked as a meme, its functionality is much advanced.


What are Spillionaire’s key features? 

The company stated that it wanted to create a system that wouldn’t fail its team and users. In addition, it aimed to find a solution to facilitate and maintain liquidity on decentralized exchanges. The latter requires liquidity, after all, and the Spillionaire platform isn’t the exception. The company’s auto functions can already distribute retained assets. It also secures liquidity and, thus, prevents volatility.

The team uses smart contracts. It has its own formula to enable users to participate on the platform on equal footing to an extent. Spillionaire reduces the total supply simultaneously with the increase in trading volume. As the tokens’ supply decrease, their value soars. Due to crypto’s unpredictability, the APYs of protocols are usually impossible to predict. However, this platform pays $SC token holders a daily fixed rate.

The company plans to change its tokens in the future. Customers will be able to exchange their tokens from the initial version to the newer one as well. The platform will inform the users beforehand to enable them to achieve a safe and successful migration of the tokens. The Spillionaire team will also ensure that everyone will receive the equivalent value of their tokens except the top holders. The latter will get additional rewards. The company calls them an inheritance.


ECOMM token is also in the spotlight. What advantages does it provide? 

Ecomm is a trending token that has attracted investors’ attention lately. The creator company launched its pre-sale on August 4, 2022. The sale will end on February 5, 2023. Currently, 1 ECOMM is trading for 0.01 USD. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000. This BEP-20 coin has utility functions. The platform accepts BNB, BUSD, and USDT in exchange for it during the initial coin offering.


ECOMM token is also in the spotlight. What advantages does it provide? 


Ecomm is a Philippines-based eCommerce platform. This next-generation advanced network offers Defi users an innovative and competitive cashback program. It will return up to 80% of funds to consumers making purchases in Ecomm’s online and offline stores. Despite such an offer, the brand offers only high-quality and unique products.

Furthermore, it will also reward its loyal customers. They will find rewards on their account after they finish purchasing products on the platform. Users will be able to redeem their earnings anytime.

According to the team, $ECOMM is the platform’s native utility token. As such, it powers the whole Ecomm platform. Customers will be able to earn $ECOMM tokens in cashback after making purchases on the platform. This token is based on the BNB Smart Chain, and it offers various advantages of this blockchain. Ecomm has strong potential to succeed in the Defi market, and its token is currently high-ranking.

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