SpaceBulls NFTs – Buy Or Not To Buy?

First and foremost, the SpaceBulls is a community-driven NFT project. It is noteworthy that, after more than a year of hard work, 8888 unique 3D Boxed Space Bulls with more than a hundred carefully hand-drawn traits are ready. What you need to know is that they live on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The team behind the above-mentioned NFT project felt like there were too many 2D projects in the market, so they wanted to come up with something unique and original. All SpaceBulls are carefully created as well as rendered in 3D software. However, the team felt like a 3D NFT project wasn’t enough; they wanted to develop something even more special.

So, they came up with 3D rotating collectible boxes covering the SpaceBull. Notably, this adds a unique touch to an NFT that has never been seen before.

We need to mention that SpaceBulls holders will be rewarded with $Antimatter daily use and it to claim rewards as well as royalty shares from secondary market sales. The team behind the project will make monthly transfers from the creator’s fees to a separate wallet – the Space Vault.

From there, holders will be able to claim ETH based on the amount of $Antimatter they hold. Furthermore, $Antimatter will be used for many other things, such as participating in auctions for NFTs, buying goodies (Nitro subscriptions, partner’s products, etc), raffles, lottery tickets, and more.

As stated above, the community will decide which direction to go with the SpaceBulls project. Many people voted in the polls and shared opinions and suggestions. The team behind the project understands the importance of each comment, etc.

After considering various factors, we can conclude that it makes sense to buy SpaceBulls NFTs.


Would you like to learn more about NFTs?

As you already know, the SpaceBulls is a one-of-a-kind collection of 8888 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum network.

Let’s assume you decided to create your own nonfungible token (NFT). In this part of the article, you will discover exciting details about NFTs.

You might ask, “Why should entrepreneurs consider starting NFT projects?”

First of all, ever since NFTs came onto the scene, NFTs have changed the world of business. NFTs have changed how brands look at business, how they conduct business, and how entrepreneurs start new businesses.

One of the main advantages for entrepreneurs who are making the decision to create an NFT project is that when you do the project correctly, the loyalty given by the community is off the charts.

It is one thing if your community likes your software, conference, services, or experiences. However, it is another thing to have a community that wants to evangelize as well as advocate for your experience and for others to become part of that community.

For instance, there are cases right now in which NFT holders are changing their profile picture into the art of their NFTs. It is no secret that in the world of marketing, creating customer loyalty is vital to the business’s success, but it typically comes second to the project.

If you have a good product or service, you can go out and build a customer base that will be loyal to you. Once your customer base is loyal, you have the opportunity to scale your efforts and be successful.

NFTs and people

When it comes to NFTs, the community launches the project. So, if you have an excellent idea, you can build a community around it, and that community will help you launch your idea. Nevertheless, if you don’t have the community, you can’t get your NFT off the ground.

This is a very important phase-the right NFT project. In the modern world, new NFT projects seem to be thought up and launched almost every day. And the vast majority of NFT projects are saying the same things: we’ve got cool art, and we have tokenomics, and we are going to be in the metaverse, and we have gaming, and we are going to be in clothing as well as fashion…

At the moment, the new challenge for business owners is to create an interesting NFT project. How do you differentiate your project from other projects coming out simultaneously? Especially when usually the projects that are making the most noise tend to be the biggest scams. It can be quite hard to try to do this the right way when you are one voice in a sea of others.

If you are thinking about launching an NFT project as an entrepreneur, it will give you the most benefit to pause as well as think about the type of NFT project you are trying to launch and how to ensure that it is the right project for you and your business and the industry in general.

Companies and NFTs

What are NFTs with utility

The NFT space at the moment is reminiscent of the early days of the .com startups and the internet. In the 1990s, people, as well as businesses, were doing things without really understanding where the boundaries were.

Back then, there were no rules or regulations. The internet was still so fresh that the internet’s full potential was still being discovered.

In much the same way, nonfungible tokens are today’s Wild West. People and companies are still trying to define what can be done before individuals and companies can identify or regulate what should or shouldn’t be done.

For many of us, watching the NFT space unfold is like watching pure potential manifest right in front of us. We don’t know, eventually, what will become of the NFT space. However, we do know that we want to be part of the NFT space and help shape its culture.

Some of the most severe mistakes that companies make when creating NFT projects

Typically, if an entrepreneur wanted to start a business, they could do so easily and without a team. Indeed, most small companies are run by one or two people who have an idea and launch that idea. Then such companies are able to grow and scale their businesses and hire a team as required.

This allows business people to control the costs of running their business and tailor their open positions to their needs at the time. So, it means that every act of growing a business is a personal journey.

However, NFTs are altering how businesses run and operate. With many one- and two-person teams trying to launch NFTs, what they are learning is that when an NFT project takes off, it does so without warning.

And these small businesses are then left playing catch-up. They are working to figure out what they need and the holes left in their team. This has resulted in numerous cases of the founders of an NFT project being incapable of executing on their plans for the project. Founders didn’t have the capacity they required to fulfill their commitments.

The major problem with this is the NFT holders are left holding a valueless token. Meanwhile, the rug was pulled out from under the NFT holders. As a reminder, this has become suitably known as a rug pull.

Furthermore, the increased frequency of rug pulls created a lot of concern as well as reluctance in buyers thinking about investing in a new project. Also, buyers are currently more discerning when it comes to choosing which projects they are willing to support. This is leading to more changes within the NFT industry itself.

Biggest mistakes part two

There have been several successful NFT projects launched by an anonymous team, such as Lazy Lions and Bored Apes. Nevertheless, because of an increased number of rug pulls, a person’s ability to create a new NFT project in 2022 anonymously with the same level of success has dramatically diminished.

Many investors considering which NFT projects they want to invest in are looking into the founders.

Currently, there are no regulations regarding anonymity and NFT projects. Nevertheless, given the human need for security and their desire for transparency when it comes to investments, it is a good practice to get into revealing who you are when you launch your NFT project.

One of the main advantages of launching an NFT project is the low barrier to access. Any person can launch an NFT project, and it doesn’t necessarily require a large amount of capital or funding to do so.

Indeed, many businesses launch an NFT project and use the funding gained through that launch in order to fund future launches as well as businesses driven by that very NFT. While this does keep access more open to everyone, it might be an error to try to launch an NFT project with no other capital whatsoever.

For example, when entrepreneurs try to launch a new business, and the launch doesn’t go according to plan, entrepreneurs can find alternatives to help make up for it. Nevertheless, the situation is quite different when it comes to NFT projects.

In the case of an NFT project, if your launch doesn’t go as planned, the business dies momentarily because there is no money. So, raising capital ahead of your NFT launch can help buy you some time to enact features as well as utilities and aid the success of your NFT launch.

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