SPACE ID ICO (ID) is in the spotlight. What does it offer?

SPACE ID is a new project that is currently trending. Its innovative products attracted much attention in the markets. The company launched its native utility token on March 17, 2023. Its price is only 0.025 USD during the initial coin offering, but SPACE ID’s value might increase after the ICO sale ends. The SPACE ID token is based on BEP-20 and is very high-ranked on the various ICO listing platforms. While its total supply is 2,000,000,000, only some percentage is available for purchase at this stage.

The SPACE ID team aims to create a network that will connect people, dApps, and assets, not only on one blockchain but across different chains. Thanks to this platform, creators, and developers will be able to find investors or partner with each other to create incredible projects. Moreover, customers will have a chance to find the services they need, along with new ways to generate passive income.

In addition, the company will build a one-stop identity platform that will be available for every customer worldwide. The latter will allow people to discover great web3 domains as well as register and manage them. Considering that every platform or website needs a domain, that is a very useful service. After all, getting them in web3 isn’t an easy feat. This technology is still new, and there aren’t many companies offering the same services. However, creating and registering a domain is crucial for the further development of web3 space. How else can people create their own platforms there?

SPACE ID recognized the need and decided to deliver the service and, with it, other interesting perks. For example, users will be able to trade the domains if they wish. That is one of the many ways to profit by using this platform.

What other benefits does SPACE ID offer?   

The company stated that its project also includes SDK & API. Furthermore, developers will be able to use Web3 names across various blockchains. The team will also provide a multi-chain name service. The latter will enable any user to create their own web3 identity easily.

​One of the great benefits of this project is that it offers domains that are compatible with different blockchains. Typically, users have to hop from chain to chain, or platform to platform, if they want to diversify or build their apps on different blockchains. However, the SPACE ID team thought that users would enjoy doing everything on one platform without changing it. Thus, it ensured that people wouldn’t have to seek other platforms to finish the job. Instead, you can go through the whole process on SPACE ID.

Moreover, the company chose web3 for its many advantages. This technology is still evolving, but it’s already clear that it will eventually replace web2. Many investors have already moved on Web3, and even more, plan to do the same. Due to the increased demand for Web3 domains, other companies appeared on the market, offering similar services as SPACE ID. However, most of them work only on one specific blockchain, which isn’t convenient at all. Besides, these platforms seldom have tools to build the domain for trading NFTs, unlike the SPACE ID platform. The latter even offers a multi-chain name service for every customer. Thus, people will be able to create a web3 identity without much hassle.

What about its wallet? 

As we’ve already mentioned, the SPACE ID platform will provide customers with server services. It’s well-diversified and uses the most advanced technologies. However, that’s not all. The company also created its own wallet to help customers keep their tokens safely. The team has already launched WalletConnect and Metamask Wallet. They operate on SPACE ID Mainnet.

​The team created its digital wallet – MetaMask, specifically for Ethereum. But the company also gives its customers access to other wallets. The company noted that SPACE ID supports several of them. However, thus far, MetaMask enjoys the most popularity. It automatically connects to the users’ web browser as an extension. After that, customers will be able to move their tokens into this wallet and spend their ETH. Creating the wallet is very easy; users just need to register on the platform and follow the instructions for activating Metamask.

SPACE ID has strong potential. It’s very popular currently, as well. This project might achieve considerable success in the Defi market.

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