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The world of blockchain is improving every day, new cryptocurrencies are appearing, and more and more enthusiasts around the world are interested in investing in them. Given that the crypto universe has become one of the main places for investment for many investors, it is not surprising why the popularity of Wise tokens has increased.

Whether you are just hearing about this cryptocurrency or have some prior knowledge, it is undoubtedly essential to know if it is at all Wise to invest in the blockchain industry and specifically in this Wise token. First of all, you’ve got to understand that investing in Bitcoin (BTC) is similar to a large-cap stock and is, undoubtedly, the least volatile and most stable cryptocurrency at the moment.

However, you can also consider other altcoins, like the Wise coin getting more and more popular in recent months. Here’s a brief definition and explanation of it.

The Wise Token – What is it exactly?

The famous Wise Token that’s also referred to as WISE represents an ERC-20 compliant smart contract that has been deployed on the well-known Ethereum blockchain. Mainnet launched the WISE contract on October 8, 2020.

It refers to an automatically liquid, bond-like, decentralized, interest-bearing, and truthfully exchangeable token. This particular document is known as a general technical specification of the contract and its functionality.

In other words, Wise Token is known to be a new staking cryptocurrency that pays interest to users that usually lock their crypto for a longer time. As we’ve mentioned, it runs as an ERC-20 token on the well-known Ethereum blockchain technology.

What is the core purpose of the Wise token?

Of course, what many people are interested in is what the primary purpose of this token is? Why has it been so popular lately?

What is behind this project? First of all, it is vital and inevitable to understand that the core purpose of the WISE token (staking) is pretty much similar to both CDs, certificates of deposit, and bonds. It means rewarding holders with an earned interest in exchange for locking up all their funds for some time. In addition to that, WISE integrates some of the essential features from these particular traditional instruments. However, it improves significantly upon them.

Remember that CDs tend to be at lower return, lower risk. It only pays out interest on their maturity date. On the other hand, Bonds happen to be at higher return, risk and payout interest, usually, every six months, which is their set schedule.

So WISE token is pretty much similar to Bonds for various reasons. It earns nearly high interest. However, it allows users to withdraw it whenever they feel like it. Remember, WISE is way superior to CDs and bonds in every way.

Crypto trading
It doesn’t pay to have too much invested in one single cryptocurrency. Don’t risk being over-exposed should one of them plummet in value – since the market prices of these investments are highly volatile.

What WISE provides to stakeholders?

It’s important to understand that WISE provides the stakeholders with complete flexibility in choosing whenever they want to withdraw their interest during the stake’s life. It is possible to withdraw a claim daily, wait until maturity, irregularly also, or do whatever you wish to do with it!

WISE stakes are known to have a higher return and incredibly lower risk due to their decentralization and mistrust. It also has greater flexibility compared to both CDs and bonds.

There is no go-between, meaning no more trusting governments and banks to stay solvent and not change their rules. In addition to that, there are no more issues that a bond issuer could default on you. That’s why WISE happens to be immutable and pure code!

Why was the WISE project started in the first place?

The team behind the Wise code and project has started it without profit from it. Creators wanted to develop something unique and beneficial to everyone.

They wanted to provide the general public with an interest-bearing, decentralized instrument that would bear fruit and become a great success without any help from the community.

How can you buy a Wise Token?

In case you’re interested in finding out the exact Wise token price and how to buy wise tokens in general, here is how you can do it as a U.S. citizen on Coinbase:

  1. Download the Coinbase wallet
  2. Choose the unique Coinbase Wallet username
  3. Store your recovery phrase securely
  4. Plan for Ethereum network fees
  5. Purchase and transfer ETH to Coinbase Wallet
  6. Utilize your ETH to purchase a Wise token in the trade tab

Buying a Wise Token on Binance – A guide for beginners

If you’re interested in buying a Wise token on Binance, you’d need to know that you should first visit their website and fill in your trading details. After that, it is recommended that you buy Bitcoin (BTC) first and then exchange it for a Wise token.

You can effectively do so in the following way: Click on the “Buy crypto” tab → clicking the “Credit/Debit card → then go to the “Buy BTC” button → “Go to payment” → “Pay now” and click “Continue” after you verify your email address and phone number.

After you’ve purchased BTC, you’d need to:

  • Create a Metamask account
  • Connect it to Binance Smart Chain
  • Deposit BNB to your MetaMask account
  • Go to Pancake swap exchange platform
  • Log in with your MetaMask wallet
  • Search or select the token you wish to purchase, in this case, the Wise Token
  • Enter the amount and then the “Swap” button
  • Confirm the transaction

Should you invest in the Wise Token – How high it can go?

What interests many people is whether to invest in this token or not. Primarily, when we think about the Wise token price prediction and look at the token dashboard, we can see that the price forecast is that, up to 2022, it will go up to $0.8473277 and continue growing until 2024. That’s an excellent reason for investing in this token.

In addition to that, you should invest in Wise Token because:

  1. There’s a high interest in this token
  2. It provides you with the flexibility to withdraw your interest whenever you want
  3. There’s a massive liquidity pool of WISE
  4. It has the best industry referral system

Good luck with your future investments in the popular Wise token!

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