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Shield Finance and Plastic Finance launched ICOs today

Shield Finance announced its native token’s ICO today. The project is quite interesting, and SHLD is already listed on many watchlists. Analysts think that it has lots of potentials. According to the team, the goal is to raise $150,000 by trading 14,563,107 tokens at an ICO price of $0.0103.

Shield Finance is a Multi-Chain DeFi Insurance Aggregator. It allows customers to buy protection against major market crashes due to hacks, exploits, rug pulls, or sell-offs. The platform utilizes a proprietary aggregation engine and, thanks to it, provides insurance packages for investors and traders.

The $SHLD token holders are able to participate in governance and get staking rewards at 30% stable APY.

However, the $SHLD token’s most important feature is the “buy & burn” program. It redirects 50% of fees generated by customers every quarter to buy the $SHLD token on the open market and burn it. That results in a permanent reduction of supply.

Two of the most successful tokens BNB and FTT, also have a buy & burn program, so the team decided to use it for $SHLD token as well. The token’s ICO is already live.

What about Plastic Finance?

Plastic Finance is another platform launching a successful token ICO today. PLAS is trading for 2 USD per token, and it’s got one of the highest rankings.

The platform aims to be a Dapps, or internal exchanger, along with DeFi and recycle plastic grinds index. Indonesia is in second place worldwide among plastic polluters. So, this company does have potential as part of the recycling plastic supply chain.

The garbage collector can exchange their plastic waste directly for cash by integrating DeFi into a cooperative, mobile app. Meanwhile, the waste collector can choose either saving through DeFi using Binance Smart Contract technology or converting their waste to cash.

PLAS is a BEP-20 token, and 5,736,000 PLAS (24%) are available for sale. However, the total supply is 23,900,000 PLAS.

Binance also announced that it would list Polkastarter token on its platform

Binance plans to list Polkastarter in the Innovation Zone. It will also open trading for POLS/BTC, POLS/BUSD, POLS/BNB, and POLS/USDT trading pairs today. Users are already able to deposit POLS tokens in preparation for trading.

Polkastarter is a decentralized fundraising platform that gained lots of popularity in a short time. It is running on BSC and Ethereum. The platform has recently launched is the native utility token. Owners can use it for IDO whitelisting, staking, governance, and liquidity mining.

The team has built Polkastarter for cross-chain token pools and auctions, thus enabling projects to raise capital on an interoperable and decentralized environment based on Polkadot. Thanks to the Polkastarter platform, decentralized projects will be able to raise and exchange capital fast and cheaply. Customers will also be able to participate in a secure and compliant environment, along with using assets that surpass the current ERC20 standard.

Binance listed the token on The Innovation Zone, which is another proof of this platform’s trustworthiness and potential. The Innovation Zone is a dedicated trading zone allowing users to trade new, innovative tokens. However, such tokens often have higher volatility, thus posing a higher risk than other tokens.

Polkastarter partnered with Unmarshal recently 

The platform has announced its partnership with Unmarshal recently. The latter is a data network that provides analytics for DeFi protocols across blockchains. Unmarshal finished their Polkastarter IDO on March 30th. It has been building out an impressive set of tools and solutions for various DeFi protocols across space. Polkastarter stated that it is proud to be re-engaging with the Unmarshal team as a participant in their solution.

Unmarshal also noted that they are committed to the transparency and user experience of Polkastarter IDOs for the projects raising, as well as the community members participating. Partnership with Unmarshal will enhance Polkastarter’s dashboard with data demographics from multiple chains, starting with Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

Unmarshal will power the IDO dashboard that will retrieve ERC-20 and BEP-20 information, along with transaction details from participating wallets. Core Foundation’s token moved on the hot ICO’s list

Shield Finance and Plastic Finance launched ICOs today

Splyt Core is the first Shoppable E-Comm NFT infrastructure powered by POLKADOT. The team built it to turbo-charge decentralized finance and e-commerce markets. The platform has launched its token on April 1, 2021, and since then, it rapidly gained investors’ attention. Currently, SHOPX is one of the hot ICOs. The sale’s end date is TBD thus far, but the token is trading for 3.25 USD during the initial coin offering.

SHOPX is an ERC-20 token based on Etherium Blockchain. The platform accepts ETH and BTC in exchange for SHOPX. Splyt Core offers users various advantages. And its eNFT is one of them.

What is SPLYT’s eNFT, and how does it work? 

Splyt’s eNFT tokenizes off-chain products on the blockchain. It streamlines digital sales, thus enabling lifetime product data tracking that wasn’t possible previously. Furthermore, the eNFT empowers a transparent and robust e-commerce ecosystem.

The platform assigns every product a unique eNFT. The latter eliminates the double-sell problem with live-updating inventory tracking across all online stores.

Besides, the eNFT carries sales metadata and history, acts as a digital proof of authenticity, and even delivers data points across the lifetime of a product in the resale market.

Various brands can set a bounty for each eNFT paid or traced on the blockchain for perfect attributions; thus, they eliminate counterparty risk.

Splyt’s TCP/eNFT creates a universal and standardized protocol for how customers share funds and data securely in e-commerce transactions.

According to the team, they tokenize all inventory on the blockchain as eNFTs. Each one contains metadata describing the item’s properties, affiliate requirements, profit share terms, as well as internal SKU or tracking data.

After an eNFT’s mint, the Splyt network broadcasts it, synchronizing inventory across all marketplaces and affiliates. Furthermore, the platform bakes Smart Contracts into each eNFT, thus escrowing all funds to protect customers throughout the e-commerce transaction lifecycle.

If the buyer wants to sell the item, they can relist it on the global database. After that, the eNFT will update and retain its purchase history.

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