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Several Hot tokens are available for ICO – DeFi market wrap

The U.S.’s largest crypto exchanged Binance announced that it listed another token on its platform today.  Internet Computer (ICP) is already available on the platform after Binance opened trading for ICP/BTC, ICP/BUSD, ICP/BNB, and ICP/USDT trading pairs. Users were able to start depositing ICP in preparation for trading on Monday.

Internet Computer (ICP) is a layer-1 protocol. It is currently developing a decentralized public network for smart contracts to run at scale. The project’s goal is to become the internet computer, allowing backend software to be hosted on the network, along with providing the functionality of the public internet.

The company launched its native utility token ICP so that customers could use it for protocol governance and network transactions.

What is the Internet Computer?

DFINITY, What is the Internet Computer? The Internet Computer is built on an Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) which is also known as a novel decentralized protocol. It combines the collective computing power of many computer nodes to produce a single unified computer platform. The latter is capable of supporting applications of any scale and complexity.

The Internet Computer segregates smart contracts into secure code units called “canisters.” They are the computational units functioning as individual applications, as well as functions. End users can interact with these canisters through an entry point. Their user experience will be like the internet of today.

However, the Internet Computer will directly host and serve applications, along with data on-chain. Unlike the traditional internet, it won’t rely on centralized infrastructure. At its base layer, a network of data centers will be able to launch nodes running the ICP protocol. Afterward, it can arrange the nodes into subnetworks used to host software canisters that customers can interact with as part of their web experience.

The platform launched its semi-public mainnet as of March 2021. Currently, the company is creating data centers and hiring developers. The DFINITY Foundation introduced its 20-year roadmap, which is quite impressive.

The company plans to open schools teaching about the Internet Computer and its programming language Motoko within five years.

The internet computer also aims to be on a path to overtake big tech’s closed proprietary internet ecosystem in ten years. Within 20 years, the ICP may be bigger than the closed internet of today.

Meanwhile, GasFarm’s high-ranking token’s public sale is nearing 

GasFarm launched its native token GFT recently. The private sale is going now, but the company announced that it would begin public sale on May 15, 2021.

GasFarm is a rewarding platform. It returns part of the Ethereum gas fees spent in a decentralized exchange and swap. This platform is essentially an Ethereum gas token collector aiming to minimize high transaction fee loss. Customers get cashback some of their ETH gas fees when they use GasFarm. The platform plans to simplify the process further, as well as help users maximize returns and savings.

GasFarm’s token has gotten the highest ranking on several ICO listings. The total supply of the GFT tokens is 100000000. From that amount, 35% goes to Platform Rewards, 30% is for Public Sale, 10% goes to Private Sale, 7% for Team, 5% for EcoSystem & Partnership, 5% for Foundation and another 5% for Marketing and 3% for Liquidity.

During the private sale token price is 1 ETH for 52,000 GFT. However, the public sale token price will be 1 ETH for 26,000 GFT.

What features does GasFarm offer?

Users can earn ETH GAS fees they spent on the transfer as GasFarm offers cashback rewards on spending. The more customer holds on to the GFT token, the more reward they get. The platform calculates cashback rewards on various percentages and parameters and distributes them based on these percentages.

GasFarm also enables yield farming, which lets users lock up funds and provides rewards in the process. Farming involves lending out cryptocurrencies via DeFi protocols to earn variable or fixed interest.

The platform realizes its reward system based on Proof of Stake (PoS) technology. The latter helps to make the network stronger and safer, as well as get a reward in return. Every staking pool offers its own income, along with payout frequency conditions.

There is also Referral System. This is a program where you can earn passive income just by inviting your friends.

The WILD token’s ICO begins on Polkastarter

Several Hot tokens are available for ICO – DeFi market wrap

The Wilder World is launching its native token WILD’s IDO today on Polkastarter’s exchange. The project goal is to raise $250,000 by selling 5,208,333 tokens at a price of $0.048 during the initial coin offering.

WILD is the governance token created for the Wilder DAO. The platform will use the tokens to incentivize the expansion of the Wilder Metaverse. They will also serve as voting mechanisms for Wilder stakeholders.

The team invited their Wilder fans to participate in the #CyberHeist Whitelisting competition. The token’s private sale was oversubscribed due to high demand, and the team warned that the #CyberHeist would likely fill up fast, as well. Fans were able to enter the #CyberHeist to earn their place on the $WILD Whitelist. They would become eligible to win a Golden IDO Ticket granting exclusive access to the $WILD IDO with this action.

However, the team announced that they wanted to further reward their loyal fans by giving them multiple chances to win more special prizes such as $WILD Loot Bags filled with $250 of $WILD token or limited-edition Wilder World Guild NFTs.

The #CyberHeist Whitelisting competition opened at 12:00 PM April 29th, 2021 (UTC), and it lasted until 12:00 PM on May 6th, 2021 (UTC). Users had to complete the #CyberHeist and gain as many entries as possible for an opportunity to claim their place in the Wilder Universe. The company announced winners via a Wilder World Medium post on May 9th, 2021.

Wilder World is an Immersive 3D Universe. It is powered entirely by NFTs. Wilder World enables multi-leveled, photorealistic, and mixed reality worlds in collaboration with Zero.Space. Wilders can roam freely in this reality, acquiring virtual land and expressing themselves through unique avatars, as well as decorative assets and fashionable accessories. Community fully owns and governs Wilder World.


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