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Several high-ranked token’s ICO began today – Market Wrap

Cryptocurrencies gain more and more popularity, and investor numbers increase daily as people seek to profit from digital currencies. Binance is the largest crypto exchange platform worldwide. As a result, tokens listed on this platform get special attention from traders. Arweave is one of such tokens. Binance announced today that it would list AR and open trading for AR/BTC, AR/BUSD, AR/BNB, and AR/USDT trading pairs. Users are already able to deposit AR in preparation for trading.

Arweave is a decentralized storage network. It is built on blockweave technology. The project develops an underlying permaweb. The latter is a permanent decentralized web hosting several community-driven applications and platforms. Arweave created AR as its native utility token. The platform uses it to reward miners, as well as pay for transactions on the Arweave network.

According to the founding team, Arweave is software that aims to store files across a distributed network of computers permanently. It wants to build something like the fabled Library of Alexandria: a huge digital archive persisting in perpetuity.

As a result, this platform has much in common with other decentralized storage platforms like Sia and Filecoin, both of which also use digital currencies to create marketplaces for customers who want to buy or sell various data storage services.


Will Aarweave become Google and Amazon’s rival?  

Aarweave aims to disrupt a market dominated by existing storage giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon and carve its own place in it. Many other companies seek the same. What sets this platform apart from competitors is its decision to permanently store data through unique incentives built around its AR token.

The team noted that Arweave should enable customers who store data to get revenues, even after making initial payments for its decentralized storage service.

Besides, users can access files stored on Arweave through traditional web browsers. Thus, they don’t need any special wallet or blockchain service. A voting mechanism is another notable feature as it allows users to moderate illicit content.

The company has already began storing data from the Internet Archive in 2020. It partnered with this platform, hoping to keep that storied institution’s data resistant from tampering.


Don-key’s tokens is on various top watchlists 

The Don-key is a social trading platform for yield farming. It enables users to find their favorite farmers and follow their strategies to boost their own yield. Its team stated that they offer the first true copy trading for yield farming.

Don-key launched DON token’s ICO today. The project goal is to raise $180,000 by trading 1,500,000 tokens. The ICO price is $0.12.

Don-key aims to decrease the entry barrier for liquidity providers and yield farmers. It will open the DeFi world for two groups of users: people with low investment funds and those customers who cannot dedicate themselves to mastering the strategies and skills needed to participate in the DeFi world.

This is the first social platform that brings yield farmers and liquidity providers together. Thanks to this platform, potent yield farmers are able to maximize the assets under their management while simultaneously generating profit volume for the investors and farmers.

Don-key is an entry platform for beginner traders or low capital individuals wishing to enter the DeFi world.

The company wants to provide traders and yield farmers with a gamified social trading experience, along with an excellent planning tool and positions. It also offers farmers abundant liquidity for executing their strategies. DON token is already on many watchlists. Analysts consider it one of the hot new tokens.


The Solanium ICO is also live. What does this project offer?

With DEX, integrated wallet, and transaction management, the Solanium provides an all-in-one solution for Solana. It will also support all major Solana wallets. The team plans their platform to extend any connected wallet with inline wallet management.

As a result, the customer does not have to leave the platform to see token balances, manage token accounts or even send and receive tokens. However, experienced traders can continue managing their wallets through their wallet provider. Any changes they make will directly be reflected on the platform.

Solanium launched its native utility token SLIM today. The project goal is to raise $1,000,000 by trading 5,000,000 tokens. The ICO price is $0.2 per SLIM. Investors can use these tokens for staking, trade, fee distribution, and governance voting.


AFA announced its plan to launch Socios Fan Token

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) is the first national team to launch its own fan token. AFA has partnered with Chiliz, creators of the fan engagement platform and Fan Tokens. It today announced the launch of its official $ARG Fan Token created for the Argentina national team in the coming weeks.

The two-time World Cup winner AFA plans to use the digital assets minted on the Chiliz blockchain. Thus, it will enable its fans to get access to voting rights in polls, exclusive promotions, VIP rewards, AR-enabled features, games, chat forums, and competitions. Fans can use the mobile app to participate in all these activities.

According to the association, they will launch the $ARG Fan Token ahead of the 2021 Copa América tournament, which is due in July. Furthermore,’s all current Argentinean users will get one $ARG Fan Token for free, but that only applies to those users how are already registered on the app.

This is a massive day for Argentina’s famously passionate fans. They will now have an incredible new way to engage with, as well as influence their beloved team – noted Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and He added that they had added new partners from three continents to their ever-growing roster in a single groundbreaking day.

Dreyfus thinks that the future of sport rests on transitioning passive fans into active fans and wants to achieve that through transactional fan engagement.


Pinknode also released its token today

The Pinknode launched its native token’s ICO today. It aims to raise $150,000 by trading 4,285,714 tokens at an ICO price of $0.035.

This platform empowers developers, offering them node-as-a-service solutions. It also removes an entire layer of inefficiencies and complexities while simultaneously accelerating the user’s product life cycle.

PNODE token’s ICO began on Polkastarter platform. The team noted that the $PNODE token holds great potential value. The demand for Pinknode’s platform increases steadily with the growing popularity of the Polkadot blockchain. Furthermore, Pinknode enables its holders to invest back into the growth of the Polkadot community.

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