Securedverse ICO (SVC) is trending currently; Don’t miss it

Securedverse is a high-ranking startup. It offers players a first-person shooter game. Unlike other similar games, this one has the perfect blend of the advanced navigation system, modern features and graphics, intense combat, and the advantages of blockchain technology. The platform will provide users with an immersive, deeply exciting experience with lots of adrenalin.

The team noted that players would have a chance to compete against each other. The battles are fast-paced as well as free-for-all. The main goal is to become the last player standing. The one who manages that becomes the winner and will receive great prizes. Moreover, players will be able to earn in-game currency. The company created its native utility token – SVC, for that purpose. Those who manage to perform well in various game modes and climb on the leaderboard will also get tokens as rewards.

The company used the blockchain to build the Securedverse platform. Consequently, the latter offers users a unique gaming experience with special advantages. Besides, this game is both – free-to-play and play-to-earn. The team decided to incorporate both of those models to create an advanced platform that would be better than its rivals. It also wanted to attract as many users as possible. The free-to-play model guarantees that the platform will be accessible to any user, whether they can invest in a game or not. On the other hand, the play-to-earn model offers even more benefits as it enables players to profit even if they won’t spend anything on the game. They will get tokens simply for taking time to play and enjoy themselves in the process.

What about the SVC tokens? 

SVC is one of the key parts of this ecosystem. The Securedverse team plans to launch its ICO sale soon. The total supply of coins of Securedverse coins is 700,000,000, but only some percentage will be available for purchase during the ICO.

The company noted that these crypto tokens power the game’s economic design. Thanks to them, the team was able to create complex player-owned economies. Besides, it plans to incentivize gamers who reach advanced levels of skill with the rewards of SVC. While many traditional video games charge their users before they’ve even started using the platform, Securedverse won’t have any hidden fees. On the contrary, it will reward players handsomely for playing.

The Securedverse team wants to revolutionize the gaming and cryptocurrency industries. To that end, it will connect the two in a new way that benefits not only platform founders but gamers, as well. The company plans to provide a secure gaming ecosystem that will also be decentralized. It also hopes to provide a new revenue stream for users. The platform will optimize the ecosystem to ensure that the latter grows and generates profit for its users. Moreover, the company believes that Securedverse will soon become a leader in the Defi gaming industry.

What are the project’s goals? 

The gaming industry is evolving rapidly, and using blockchain technology only hastened the process. However, Defi platforms are still relatively new. Thus, they have to overcome many issues that hinder players from fully enjoying the gaming experience. Securedverse researched the most common problems. It wants to find solutions for them so that its platform won’t have to face the same obstacles.

According to the company’s research, the most common problems are High costs, In-game shops and purchases, Intrusive offers, Limited ownership, and Unsatisfying rewards. Most platforms charge users before they even start playing, and their fees can be quite high. Besides, when players buy in-game assets, they have to pay a commission fee along with the item’s price. And they can’t even use those assets outside the platform.

Furthermore, most developers design the games in such a way as to keep gamers playing for extended periods. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes they engage in intrusive tactics to achieve that end. In addition, the players spend quite a lot over this period, and they don’t get any real rewards in return. That seems like a bad investment of time and money. The majority of traditional platforms only offer game points as rewards, while users have to spend their hard-earned money to move on to the next stage.

On top of it, traditional games don’t allow users to actually own assets within the game. Even though players earn or buy those assets, they cannot sell or trade them on other markets. Securedverse wants to solve all of these problems and offer a superior platform to its users.

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