SeatlabNFT introduced its smoking hot SEAT token


SeatlabNFT is an innovative event ticketing platform. It aims to eliminate fraud, as well as significantly reduce ticket scalping and increase the immersive audience experience for the live event industry. It also boasts a very hot native token SEAT. The company launched the ICO sale on May 17, 2022. However, it will end on May 23, 2022, so investors have little time to acquire these tokens for the initial coin offering price. The total supply of SEAT is 845,000,000, but only some percentage will be available at this stage. The token’s value will increase over time, and it will likely bring its holders significant gains.

The project’s team is very experienced. The founder and Managing Director is Ryan Kenny. He has been involved in the blockchain space since 2012. During this time, Kenny has gained an invaluable understanding of what this revolutionary new technology can achieve. Previously, he ran a web development and marketing agency for five years. In addition, Ryan has been responsible for a plethora of digital marketing campaigns for the live events industry, working with brands such as Sean Paul, McFly, Craig David, The Libertines, UB40, Coombe Weekender Festival, and many more.

Kenny founded and operated a bespoke software development company with his long-standing business partner Jack Waterfield. They have been building B2B commercial software and applications for businesses in a wide range of industries. And these experiences led two entrepreneurs to the creation of Seatedly.

Jack Waterfield is both co-founder and Creative & Community Director of the company. He has over a decade of experience working in the design and development field. Jack has been able to work alongside a wealth of well-known brands such as Pepsi, Holland & Barrett, the UK Government, FREEMAN EMEA, Wembley Arena, and more.


How can you use the SEAT tokens? 

The $SEAT token is the SeatlanNFT platform’s utility token. Users can stake their $SEAT to receive various staking rewards. The company pays out 50% of all platform fees collected as staking rewards. However, the other 50% of collected platform fees will go to its treasury.

The team uses a tiered staking structure to categorize people by the number of coins they are staking. The more users stake, the higher up in this tier structure will they find themselves. The top tiers will get access to more valuable rewards such as VIP tickets, meet-and-greets, backstage passes, free tickets, and much more. People can claim those in place of staking rewards paid out in $SEAT.  

Furthermore, customers who hold $SEAT get to pay reduced buyer’s fees when purchasing NFT tickets. According to the team, the exact discount depends on the number of tokens a buyer holds. The company also has its own treasury. The latter aims to provide the funding to develop the marketplace further, as well as fund all other company running costs. The team allocated 9.5% of the total supply of $SEAT tokens to the Treasury during the token launch. Overall, it receives 50% of all platform fees.

There is also the Rewards Centre. It is a gamified interface where $SEAT token holders will be able to earn points. The amount of those points depends on the number of tokens they hold or how long they’ve held them, though. Users can claim rewards of different values from three tiers: Gold, Hologram, and Sapphire.


Does SeatlanNFT have good features? 

The answer may vary from good to the best, depending on the perspective. Let’s review the platform’s most interesting features. Royalty splits are a key defining feature of the SeatlabNFT platform. By setting a royalty split, sellers will be able to identify one or more beneficiaries. Chosen ones will receive a percentage of any future resale revenue if tickets are sold on the secondary market.

Moreover, sellers will airdrop exclusive perks to ticket holders. Within the dashboard, they can view all of their events, as well as the current and past ticket holders for those events. Users can also create exclusive NFTs from any digital media (videos, images, audio records, etc.) and airdrop them to token holders of different ticket types.

In addition to free airdrop incentives, event organizers and artists can create standalone collectibles to sell alongside their NFT tickets. And the main dashboard will give sellers an in-depth overview of ticket sales, as well as revenue.


EasyFeedback token is in the spotlight. What does it offer? 

The EasyFeedback team aims to bridge the traditional Feedback industry to crypto. It plans to achieve that goal by creating a complete on-chain environment around private Feedback. The company has been involved in the feedback industry since 2015. It has been developing innovative products, tools, and technologies that improve everything regarding professional feedback.

The team created an online platform that connects customers and companies. Customers have already used this network to send more than 400,000 feedbacks to more than 10,000 companies across 50 different countries. That means the platform sends around 200 feedbacks per day. The company has invested around 970,000 USD, as well.

The company’s CEO and other team members have more than twenty years of working experience in the Feedback Industry. Moreover, the team has experience both in the traditional and crypto industries.




EasyFeedback aims to become part of a multi-billion raising industry to Defi. In 2018 its project took a disruptive turn as the team started incorporating the feedback industry into the blockchain. It has developed the novel Proof of Feedback model and launched its own native token, EASYF. The latter is very popular. It has a high ranking on various ICO listing platforms.

The company wants to become the global Hub of private Feedback around the world. Its platform will be the link between private feedback sent from customers to organizations and companies globally. The project may well become a game-changer and revolutionize the Feedback industry worldwide.

The team is working to develop exciting products and services. Some of those are already available for companies, for example, EasyFeedback PRO subscription. Thanks to this platform, companies will be able to interact with the blockchain and reward received feedback by creating a loyalty system. EasyFeedback PRO and EasyFeedback IoT are also coming.

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