SCOneX and WP ICOs got top ranking – DeFi market wrap

 There are so many ICOs on the market, and it’s hard to choose which to buy. Most of them will ultimately prove to be a poor investment. However, some tokens have already taken place on the hottest ICO lists. Take SCOneX, for example.

SPORTCASH ONE is an innovative financial system created specifically for the Sports & E-sports industry. It connects athletes, gamers, brands, clubs, sponsors, and fans. The platform also creates a bridge between the rapidly growing decentralized finance (DeFi) industry and the global sports market. Sportcash One gives investors and fans the ability to finance and invest in their favorite teams and athletes. Furthermore, it enables customers to buy, sell and trade voting rights for a range of club decisions.

Top athletes, cutting-edge tech developers, and sports business executives founded and now operate SPORTCASH ONE. Its partnership with HYPE Accelerator creates much-needed blockchain solutions for the sporting industry.

The revolutionary SCOneX Token allows supporters, fans, and speculators greater access to sporting stars and clubs than ever before. Its sports DeFi capabilities, custom wallet, and NFT marketplace, along with Decentralized Exchanged (DEX) leverage, offers investors lots of advantages. The platform has innovative blockchain technology that allows reducing existing friction within the sporting ecosystem.

Besides, SPORTCASH ONE social network already boasts World Champions, Olympians, and International Athletes across all sports. It provides monetization tools for engagement, interaction, and content sharing on its network. Athletes, fans, and clubs depend on each other, and SPORTCASH ONE makes communication much easier.

SPORTCASH ONE launched its native token SCOneX on April 6, 2021, and it has already got the highest ranking from several ICO listing platforms. The token pre-sale ends on May 24, 2021. The token is trading for 0.1 USD per SCOneX.

The WP token is also in the spotlight 

WhitePigeon is another interesting platform with a high-ranking token. Its team plans to build its own blockchain. They also aim to tokenize the payment method currently required by customers as a means to buy commodities from the merchants.

WhitePigeon team believes that cryptos will become more than merely a speculative asset only after more users and merchants begin using them.

WP token already attracted investors’ attention with the platform’s interesting features and offerings. While token’s total supply is 10,000,000,000 WP, only 2,000,000,000 WP (20%) are available for sale, which will end on May 18, 2021.

Meanwhile BitValve aims to become the best P2P crypto exchange platform

BitValve is a relatively new platform that allows traders from all over the world to instantly buy or sell their cryptocurrency using various payment methods, including PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Venmo, CashApp, Moneygram, and more. It also has one of the lowest fees in the market.

Besides, the platform supports anonymous traders, offering them multi-crypto wallets to allow exchange from ETH to Paypal or XRP to Western Union.

BitValve already attracted investors’ attention. Its native token’s ICO has gotten one of the highest-ranking. 1 BTV’s ICO price is 0.2 USD, and the platform is accepting: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH. The initial coin offering ends on 20 August 2021. A total supply of tokens is 23,148,214 BTV; however, only 16,203,750 BTV (70%) are available for the trade currently.


BitValve plans to become the best crypto exchange platform

What is BitValve offering? 

The team’s vision is to make the unique platform among the other largest P2P cryptocurrency exchange platforms. To achieve this goal, the company plans to work on making the global exchange of cryptos more affordable, fast, accessible, easy, and secure. It also wants to increase investors’ trust in exchanging cryptocurrencies through P2P technologies; the BitValve platform will provide cryptocurrency investors with a one-stop-shop.

Furthermore, the BitValve Platform plans to utilize the benefits of decentralized exchanges and simultaneously eliminate the various drawbacks of the current decentralized exchanges.

The company offers crypto investors various advantages. For instance, experienced traders who will pay the commission using their BTV Tokens will have to pay 50% lower commission fees than the current rival exchanges. Customers without BTV Tokens will have to pay a 20% less commission fee, as well, payable in any cryptocurrency.

According to BitValve, it will be the only P2P exchange supporting many cryptocurrencies for trading. Those will include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The team plans to add new cryptocurrencies monthly.

Furthermore, BitValve Platform will enable Crypto to Crypto trades. It will provide its traders with the option to trade one digital coin for another. The platform will support many cryptos in user’s wallets. As a result, the Crypto-to-Crypto trade will be made entirely and securely through the platform.

Diagon ICO will end soon, and you don’t want to miss it

SCOneX and WP ICOs got top ranking – DeFi market wrapGlobal ticketing ecosystem Diagon powers esports, arts, and various entertainment platforms, along with their non-fungible tokens. It provides excellent blockchain fintech integrations.

Diagon has launched its native token DGN, which is one of the hottest ICOs currently. The token sale lasts until May 25, 2021. A total supply is 40,000,000 DGN, but only 30,000,000 DGN (75%) are available for ICO trade. The price is 0.2 USD per DGN, and the platform is accepting ETH and BTC.

Diagon is powering ticketing for Esport, entertainment, art, and digital collectibles (NFTs) worldwide. It offers users exclusive and innovative features, including DiaArena for customers from all around the world to contest in different tournaments; DiaExchange for both collecting and trading digital collectibles (NFTs), as well as sending Diagon Gift Cards; DiaBet for staking in tournaments worldwide, etc.

The platform’s native Diagon (DGN) token is the sole virtual currency created to perform every form of transaction in Esports, art auctions (NFTs) platforms, and entertainment. Diagon offers special discounts for all transactions, as well.

What about Diagon’s ecosystem?


Diagon team works hard to enlarge its ecosystem and make it more diversified. The platform enables its customers to collect the rarest digital artworks from around the globe. Users can purchase various NFTs at the asking price, as well as place a bid. Moreover, they can decide to resell it on the secondary market for a higher price, thus earning 10% royalties every time it’s resold.

According to Diagon, every artwork on WeAreMasters is authenticated on Ethereum’s Blockchain and signed by the artist. Thus, the buyer becomes the uncontested owner for eternity. Even if the owner decides to sell, they can still earn money if their buyer resells.

Diagon offers its users a congregation of the very best digital artists and creators from around the world. All the art showcased in their marketplace is authenticated and 100% owned by the buyer when their bid is accepted.

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