Run Nation’s hot token will be available soon. Get ready 


RunNation is one more move-to-earn app that promises great gains to its users. It aims to combine Blockchain, Web3, and Cryptography and thus, revolutionize several traditional markets. Such a combination will create an immersive fitness and gaming experience for users. Players will be able to equip NFT KICKs to their Metaverse profile, allowing them to earn from walking, running, and jogging.

Users can use these in-game tokens to upgrade their KICKs and increase rewards. They can also cash out the tokens for a profit. While there are other similar apps on the market, RunNation offers some unique features, such as Crew Battles, competitions, gyms, personal trainers, partnerships, and sponsorship of active communities. One gym class will be able to battle with another gym class to win NFTs or loot tokens. The company created RUNx native token specifically for such purposes. It will bring its holders many benefits.

The team plans to launch the ICO sale on June 25, 2022. It will end on June 26, 2022, though. The token price will be $0.030000 during the initial coin offering. Users can buy RUNx on the Kommunitas platform.

This project also offers global partnerships with its affiliated gyms, running clubs, and sports clubs. Users will be able to go to its real-life contracted gyms and enjoy working out. They will also earn STEPx tokens in the process.

Moreover, Crew Battles will enable players to participate in large-scale Player VS Player battles. It will allow them to immerse themselves in a social community and compete against other crews for significant rewards, as well. The team will integrate Smart watches to track users’ activity with an all-in-one solution.


More exciting features are on the way

RunNation is still developing, so there’s more to come. The company has already highlighted its main features, including Move-to-earn, Cycle-to-earn, and Drive-to-earn. The first one enables users to earn STEPx tokens by walking, jogging, or running with their Sneakers NFTs. The second will allow earning CYCLEx tokens by cycling with Cycle NFTs, and the last one offers to earn DRIVEx by driving electric cars and protecting nature in the process.

In addition, the company will provide a full NFT marketplace. Thus, users will be able to buy, sell or rent out their Kicks. And they don’t have to worry about privacy, as the project ensures that users’ health and fitness data will stay secure and private.

Players should just download the RunNation app to their smartphone to enjoy its benefits. The team is still working on its development, but its launch is rapidly approaching. After downloading the app, users will have to connect with their Metamask Wallet or WalletConnect on Binance Smart Chain and create their Metaverse profile. They can easily purchase in-game NFT KICKs and complete the exercise tasks based on in-app instructions. Players will get rewards in STEPx. But if they want to participate in the platform’s governance, they should buy RUNx native tokens.


What about the RunNation team and its goals? 

RunNation boasts a global team of individuals who share a passion for combining some of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide. Fitness, Crypto, Web3, and NFTs. With many years of working experience in web, blockchain, and app design, this team is incredibly well-positioned to bring its vision to reality. Some of the team members are from the U.K., U.S., Australia, Brazil, and Netherlands. More people will join them in the future from all around the world.

This company wants to offer its users an immersive, engaging, and rewarding Move-2-Earn and GameFi experience. And it aims to do that through a meticulously designed iOS and Android application. In addition to the Move-2-Earn features, the community will benefit from a rewarding NFT system through RunNation’s secure website and in-app marketplace.

The project will also provide the most advanced health and fitness tracking features. This will be just one of the many steps the team is taking to bring the technology to mass adoption. It is looking to reduce any potential barrier to entry by simplifying blockchain and crypto for new customers.

Moreover, the team announced that RunNation is only the beginning of its ecosystem. It plans to launch several innovative features which will differentiate this project from other limited ones entering the space. These exciting elements involve Drive-2-Earn, Cycle-2-Earn, and complete control over users’ health and fitness data. With the ability to own this data as an NFT, people will be able to stake it on a data marketplace securely and get rewards. At the same time, they will keep any personally identifying data points completely confidential.


Run Nation’s high-ranked token will be available soon. Get ready 

Fragmint has already launched its hot native token. What does it offer? 

Fragmint is essentially a fragmented NFT platform with DAOs. Its founder team wanted to create a platform that would stand out in the sea of similar projects. It believes that it’s time to shake the boundaries and come up with specific types of projects and a curated environment that does not exist anywhere else.

The project’s name stands for Fragmented NFTs. The latter are particular pieces of art that can be digitally split into different, stand-alone fragments. Users can then mint each “fragmint” into a separate NFT. That enables collective ownership of an artwork.

Contrary to some other ways of doing this, such as splitting the art into thousands and millions of tokens, in this scenario, users will be able to own one or multiple specific parts of the projects. It’s like owning virtual pieces of land.

Moreover, such an approach presents a great opportunity for building interesting economies around a particular piece of art. That can even gamify the experience to the point of transforming NFT ownership into a fun and social endeavor, thus, allowing for the implementation of DAO structures.

The FRAGMINT Platform will focus on building independent communities and empowering their creative use of decentralized mechanisms. It aims to incentivize contribution and, as a result, generate and distribute more value for all participants via FRAG tokens.

The team launched its ICO sale on June 6, 2022. It will end on June 28, 2022. FRAG tokens are already popular, and they are trading for 0.04 USD at this stage. The total amount of tokens is 990,000,000, but only 21,75% will be available for purchase for now.


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