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Rocket Vault Finance offers innovative solutions for DeFi

The altcoin market started to rally this year, with new tokens added to existing ones daily. However, some projects have attracted more attention at the outset, standing out among the others and Rocket Vault Finance is one of them.

This innovative project uses machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to manage investor funds for consistent returns. Customers participate by moving their funds into an automated smart vault, which monitors hundreds of crypto assets across global exchanges, including Uniswap and Binance. The platform identifies tokens that have upside potential and those that pose a potential risk of losing. As a result, it rebalances invested funds and takes profits at optimal levels.

The company puts profits into a Treasury smart contract. The latter was programmed to pay out to investors each quarter in stablecoins. Furthermore, Rocket Vault Finance reinvests a portion of profits to leverage the effects of compounding.

The company is launching its native RVF token today. Retail investors can benefit from low fees by holding these tokens, providing a utility that ensures that a portion of their token supply always remains out of circulation. The team has been testing this technology for over a year. According to the company, users can expect 100% APY on average based on tests.

How will the company conduct sales?

Investors can buy RVF tokens on the DuckSTARTER platform. The sale ends in 22 hours, though, on April 13, 2021. The price is $0.08 per $RVF, and a total of 1,401,562 $RVF are available during the IDO.

Rocket Vault offers many advantages. For instance, RVF adopts a unique approach. It does not depend on the Ethereum network to generate rewards. So, there is no impact due to insanely high gas fees.

Furthermore, the company will generate consistent returns over a period of time irrespective of the number of customers or the increasing TVL.

Team RVF has been testing, developing, and fine-tuning proprietary AI-ML-based strategies since 2019. These strategies can generate over 100% APY consistently. The company uses advanced AI predictive analytics, along with ML pattern recognition algorithms, to come up with strategies to predict market moves accurately, minimize risks and maximize returns.

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