Ring Brand App Neighbors of Amazon

The Ring brand of Amazon has an app named Neighbors. And this allows people to learn about crime in your area. But recently, it causes people to raise their privacy concerns.

According to Gizmodo, Amazon is currently working to tap into 911 call systems to give updates to neighborhoods. Also, it is communicating with 225 police departments around the United States, who can ask for video footage from Ring doorbell users.

The app Neighbors provides video clips from other Ring doorbells. And it also gives alerts about any crime in your area. For instance, one neighbor might share clips from its doorbell showing a package theft, a suspicious person, and even burglary. Aside from that, the News Team notices give updates regarding things such as fires, robberies, and other unusual events.

The app clearly has benefits to the police partnership. On the other hand, it also triggers the concern about Ring doorbells are helping to allow police surveillance by giving them access to cameras. For example, someone could let police review footage of a normal person, someone who is not doing anything wrong at all.

Some people might not yet hear the Neighbor app. However, anyone can download and use it, even the ones who do not have a Ring doorbell.

Neighbors Feed

Upon opening the app, it will lead you to a feed showing suspicious activities and suspected crimes. And these were basically posted by Ring doorbell owners around your area.

In addition to that, it can also show you many things in your neighborhood that you never knew about. For instance, it will show someone seeming to steal a bag of groceries from a front porch.

Then, users of Neighbors can post comments on anything in the crime feed. And this can help to make a sort of digital neighborhood watch. Contrarily, this might cause a false alarm regarding an incident that is not even a crime.

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