Revomon Aims to Change Virtual Gaming. What about REVO? 

 Revomon or Revolution Monster is a new project aiming to become a Pokemon-inspired universe. It plans to achieve that goal by running on blockchain and using the collectible monster game mechanics in virtual reality. Players will be able to roleplay a trainer. They will use their real-life gestures to interact with a virtual world and collect in-game monsters and items in the process.


Catching and training monsters and progressing in the game will require physical actions from users. This MMORPG pocket monster game concept currently does not exist in Virtual Reality stores. The company aims to develop and make it unique thanks to blockchain technology. Furthermore, it wants to solve three issues that common games face most frequently: pay to earn, ownership and governance.


How does Revomon plan to overcome these challenges? 


According to the company, players will receive rewards while enjoying playing the game. Thanks to in-game challenges and progression, they will also be able to claim NFTs and tokens.


That is a fresh concept because typically, “playing” is considered a time loss and many platforms charge fees for playing on them. Still, Revomon aims to change people’s minds by introducing new services in the gaming industry.


Furthermore, the company wants to let players keep the ownership of the caught monsters and crafted or looted items. Players will be able to convert the item into an NFT linked to their own wallet and even sell them on Opensea.


Governance demands serious contemplation, as well. Revomon stated that each token would represent a voice. Users owning tokens can express their thoughts through votes and participate in making major decisions of the platform. The company highlighted that it wants to push forward the community into one driven model of the decision-making.


The project offers a unique protocol that will bridge the blockchain ecosystem and virtual reality gaming. It will introduce NFTs, farming, and Staking in a full immersive VR game that will generate profit in the long run.


Furthermore, Revomon created a REVO token, which will be available for investors from today as ICO. The sale will end on April 12, 2021. REVO is trading for $ 0.14 per token. A total of 12,000,000 REVO will be for sale during the initial coin offering trade.

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