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Retail Industry Trends: Highest-Paying Retail Jobs


Retail industry has been the central engine for the U.S. economy every year. In 2017, 42 million workers retail industry employees are hired. Salaries in the retail industries come at a lower pay scale, considering there are only few entry requirements. That includes full-time retail industry workers. But still, their salaries are higher than the minimum wage. Last year, a median was paid for retail sales associates, amounting to $11.24 per hour (23,370 annually).


Median in statistics – the measure of the central tendency. To find the median, arrange the sorted numbers/value in order from smallest to largest. If the majority is odd numbers, the middle value is the median. If the majority is even numbers, the average of two middle values is the median.


There are retail jobs with median salary that come at a premium. But it will also require more training and experience for the employees. Retail jobs with high salaries are from the leading companies. They include comprehensive offers that will provide benefits to their employees. In this post, you’ll discover the top retail companies with high salary offers (pay rates as of the year 2018).



Started with a small Seattle shoe shop in 1901, Nordstrom Inc. succeeds in becoming one of the leading fashion pursuit retailers. Nordstrom has more than 300 stores around the United States and Canada. The company is known for offering various employee benefits to full and part-time employees. Nordstrom pays high median wage of $11.71 per hour.



Costco Wholesale Corp has worldwide sales of $116.2 billion. It is an acknowledged leader of membership warehouse club space. The company has a median wage of $13.14 per hour. Their eligible employees also have comprehensive benefits such as 401(k) plan and other health care coverage benefits.



Not the largest home improvement store, but Lowe’s Companies Inc. offers $11.70 per hour. They have a median wage which is a bit higher than their rival, the Home Depot. The company offers various comprehensive benefits, such as retirement and health insurance.



Surpassing $100 billion sales in 2015, Inc. is one undisrupted retail companies. It is a high-paying retail industry employer with $14.65 per hour median wage. Amazon also offers full range health and retirement benefits.


Home Depot

The company with a do-it-yourself movement founded in 1978. Sales associates of the company proudly wear their orange apron and earn $11.33 per hour. Eligible employees have access to various employee benefits within the industry.


Best Buy

Best Buy is among the top retailers of technology products within the United States. Their sales associates are required to have training in the sale of products. Their technologies range from computers & peripherals, high-end cameras to latest flat-screen TV. Best Buy has a median pay of $10.58 per hour. They also offer various range of employee benefits. The company also offers eligible workers tuition and adoption support.


Sam’s Club

Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. which started in 1993, is the answer to Costco in membership warehouse club space. Even though Sam’s Club is half the size of Costco, the company has total revenue of $57 billion. Based on their annual sale, they are the eighth largest retailer in the United States. The company’s associates have a median wage of $10.59 per hour. They also make eligible employees gain a company match of 401(k) and stock purchase.


Big Lots

Big Lots is one of the large discounted retail companies, targeting budget-wise shoppers. The company provides employees with a median wage of $10.10 per hour. They also offer comprehensive benefits such as educational assistance.



Gap Inc. created a global fashion empire. They have more than 3,300 stores within 90 countries. The Banana Republic and Old Navy, which are both employed by Gap, offers a median wage of $10.36 per hour. The company offers a 401(k) and various comprehensive health care plans. They’ve also included other benefits such as commuter program, family care, etc.

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