Rejuve works to increase the human lifespan. What’s RJV? 

Rejuve is a new startup that aims to use blockchain technology for its exciting research. The company aims to increase human health and lifespan substantially. Such works aren’t new for the health industry. In fact, many other companies strive to achieve the same goal. After all, life is precious, and we all want to enjoy as much of it as possible. However, traditional companies often fall short of this mission. While the human lifespan has actually lengthened considerably over the last decades, that has more to do with good medicines and healthcare systems, as well as organic food and improved living conditions. Still, there are places around the world that still suffer due to economic crisis or are ravaged by wars. In such countries, people’s lifespan is dramatically short.

Still, Rejuve wants to bring real innovation. It aims to help people live longer with or without the benefit of the best quality food or medicines. If this company achieves success, it can revolutionize the world and change our lives.

The team will rely on Artificial Intelligence. It will create the first decentralized research network around the globe that will work exclusively on longevity problems. The project founders believe that bringing together artificial intelligence, blockchain, and longevity-focused research will help them to substantially increase human healthspan.

The company will incorporate advanced longevity therapies and try various solutions. Moreover, it will make those available to people who want them. These therapies will be affordable for all customers. The team will also offer great rewards to people who contribute data and help will this research.

What is RJV, and how does it work? 

RJV is the company’s native utility token. The complete amount of ERC20 tokens available is 1,000,000,000. The team intends to commence their ICO sale in March. However, only 27,42% will be available for purchase at this stage. The platform will accept USDT in exchange for its tokens. RJV will give its holders various benefits. Besides, the buyers will essentially become investors in this venture.

Rejuve will add some other incentives to attract more investors. It believes that its project will be successful. Besides, its end goal isn’t a utopia. Such practices already exist. They are only available for very rich people now, though.

The team believes that it must change. Average people also have the right to enjoy a longer life. According to the company, the data connected to such game-changing technologies is already available to many people via frequent siphoning. However, just holding the information isn’t enough to use it successfully. Thus, even those people who obtain it have almost no benefit.

On the other hand, Rejuve will enable customers to receive real results. In addition, the company will use a unique tokenomic model to incentivize users who participate in its therapies and, thus, help with the research.


What is RJV, and how does it work? 

What about the marketplace? 

The company will offer its own product similar to SingularityNET. The team plans to create a decentralized marketplace specifically for AI. Moreover, it will provide a great ecosystem.

In 2018, SingularityNET incubated this project. Now it works as a conduit for Rejuve’s Bio-AI research. The team stated that Longevity is actually a natural match for AI and futurism. Thus, many users with an affinity for technology will discover that modern tech can be a great help in learning how to gain more years of life.

Furthermore, Rejuve is currently working on a research database that will be live and interactive. The company plans to leverage the data of partners and network members. It will also reward all participants. The team noted that live, the RJV token is one form of reward. But there will be others, as well.  

 The company also created its primary data collection tool. The latter is the mobile app called – Longevity. It will be available on both iOS and Android systems. This application will allow customers to upload their personal health data and share it with the company. That might include various surveys and lab tests. In exchange, users will receive RJV tokens, while the company will use that data to broaden its research and get actual results.

According to Rejuve, the user’s account will be like an electronic personal health record. It will allow the company and partner labs to continue research based on various metrics.  


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