Rabbit Technology (RABBIT): What is it?

The newly added cryptocurrency is called Rabbit Technology. Rabbit is a highly deflationary meme token with characteristics of the Zodiac Jade Rabbit, according to its whitepaper. Rabbit Technology aims to produce an OTC platform, dApp, and eventually develop it into an exchange while constructing the entire De-fi ecosystem around this currency. The Rabbit Technology token was created to make the transition from fiat money to digital money easier for community members.

The Rabbit Technology token is a strong community-driven (meme) token that is unlike any other. However, this must be accomplished if fiat currencies are to be successfully and quickly converted to digital currencies and vice versa. The core of digital money (cryptocurrency) is to be a peer-to-peer system that empowers anyone anywhere to get and send payments.

There is still much room for cryptocurrency to grow and spread in terms of acceptance (worldwide adoption). That proves that the rise of digital currencies would only partially replace fiat money.

The community and Rabbit Technology would support a smooth transition from fiat currency to Water Rabbit and any other cryptocurrency or fiat currency, given the growing interest in cryptocurrencies worldwide.



  • Whitepaper by Rabbit Technology claims that
  • With a 3.17 billion unit supply (3,173,666,999).
  • 05 billion, or 64.7%, of the total supply, were burned during the launch (2,056,266,827).
  • Put a 9% transaction fee on each and every one.
  • Automatically burn 3% of every transaction.
  • 6% of the transaction charge was set aside for marketing, project development, and philanthropic causes.
  • Liquidity is permanently locked.
  • All ownership rights have been waived.
  • Phase 1 of the Rabbit Technology Roadmap
  • 500 holders are released by Rabbit Technology.
  • 2000 transactions in the wallet
  • planning the development of a website
  • development of white papers


Coin’s Meme Power and Conclusion

Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Baby Doge Coin, and many more current and upcoming coins that can surprise you anytime are examples of meme coins. Meme coins are cryptocurrencies that have become well-known in a short time, largely due to influencers, powerhouses, and retail investors promoting them online.

Meme Coins have always been highly potent in the cryptocurrency market. They are better at creating highly loyal networks than most other crypto movements.

As a brand-new cryptocurrency that is still in its infancy, Rabbit Technology (RABBIT) still requires a lot of community labor and development before it can be fully utilized.

Rabbit Technology (RABBIT) is a very new cryptocurrency. We all know that meme coins depend on community support to survive and thrive. With any currency, there is always a chance to make a good profit, but the risk is also involved. Understanding all the hazards associated with a given coin is crucial before deciding if it is good or bad.

It is preferable to keep up with Rabbit Technology news. And all significant changes so that we are aware of both what this cryptocurrency will do next. That will allow us to profit from it and what we can do with it to do so.

Remember that the cryptocurrency market is very unstable and uncertain. And meme coins are especially unpredictable compared to other digital currencies. You should only invest money you can afford to lose. Because meme coins are frequently driven by the community and may crash at any time.

The Rabbit Technology whitepaper, which contains all the pertinent information, is linked below for anyone interested in learning more about this cryptocurrency.

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