Stocks – History Quiz

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Stocks – History Quiz

The stock market’s history is so old and complex that it’s a real challenge to keep track of everything happening on it. Still, there are parts, which are so important that they are a “must-know.” Can you tell us that you know all the pivotal points? Let’s find out now!

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Do you know where the oldest stock exchange in the world is?

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Which country's stock market did the founders of the New York Stock Exchange take inspiration from?

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Can you tell us what the first listed company was on the NYSE?

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Where was the first stock exchange in the U.S.?

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Can you tell us what the largest stock exchange in the world in terms of market capitalization?

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When stock traders are frantically running around a trading floor and using hand signals, this method of communications is called:

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An example of a defensive stock is:

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When a trader flashes four fingers parallel to the floor, palm out what is he trying to say?

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Please, choose the first totally electronic stock market:

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What historic agreement rang in the start of the New York Stock Exchange in 1792?

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